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Lake Victoria

Lake in Africa, South of the Nile river and East of the Congo

Lake Chad

South of the Sahara and East of the Niger River on African Continent

Niger River

A River West of Lake Chad and South West of the Sahara Desert

Nile River

East of the Sahsra Desert and north west of The Horn of Africa

Zambezi River

North East of the Kalahari and North of the Limpopo River

Congo River

West of Lake Victoria and South of Lake Chad

Limpopo River

East of tghe Kalahari and South of the Zambezi River

Meditereanian Sea

North of Africa and South of Europe

Red Sea

West of the Arabian Peninsula and East of Egypt

Indian Ocean

East of Africa and South of India

Atlantic Ocean

Ocean West of Africa and Europe and West of the Americas

Persian Gulf

East of the Arabian Peninsula and South of the Tigris and Euphrates River

Caspian Sea

East of the Black Sea and West of the Aral Sea

Aral Sea

East of The Caspian, north of Mesopotamia

Black Sea

East of the Balkan Peninsula and North of Asia Minor

Sahara Desert

On the northern part of Africa South East of the Atlas Mountains

Kalahari Desert

North of the Cape of Good Hope and West of the Limpopo river


Region South of the Sahara and West of the Niger River


Region on the Southern Border of the Sahara, Norht of Lake Chad

Arabian Peninsula

Peninsula west of the persian gulf and east of the red sea

Iberian Peninsula

North of the Straight of Gibralter, west of the italian peninsula

Balkan Peninsula

Northwest of Asia minor, south of the Caucasus Mountains

Asia Minor

North West of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, South of the black sea


Island to the east of South Africa, In the Indian Ocean

Horn of Africa

North of Mount Kilimanjaro, South of the arabian Peninsula

Cape of Good Hope

South of the Kalahari desert, the southern most tip of Africa

Cape Verde

Island Chain off the west coast of Africa, West of the Shael


Island of the southern tip of the Italian Peninsula

Atlas Mountains

Mountain Range North West of the Sahara Desert, South of the Gibralter Straight

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Southwest of the horn of Africa, Northwest of Lake Victoria


Surrounding the Central Nile River


North West of the horn of Africa, South of Kush


North West of the Niger River, North of the Sahel


North of the Sahel, South of Ghana


Overlapping Mali, extends further east towards Lake Chad


South East of the Zambezi River, North of the Limpopo River

Swahili States

Extends from the Limpopo River to the horn of Africa, remaining on the shoreline


West of Gao, North of the Niger River


In the center of the Sahel, South of the Niger River


East of Timbuktu, North of the Niger River


South of the Horn of Africa, East of Mt. Kilimanjaro


East of Lake Victoria, South of Mt. Kilimanjaro


South of Mombasa, South East of Lake Victoria


In Zimbabwe, on the coastline and north of the Limpopo River

Pyrenees Mountains

Mountain Range north of Toledo, Seperates Spain from France


South of The Pyrenees, north of Cordoba


West of Cordoba, North of Tangeris


South of Toledo, East of Seville


On the African side of the Gibralter Straight

Alp Mountains

North of the Italian Peninsula, Spanning the whole width of the peninsula

Danube river

River running from North of the Alps to the Black Sea


On the Italian Peninsula, on the Tiber River

Carpathian Mountains

Mountain Range Spanning the northern part of the Black Sea, North of The Danube River


On the Bosperous, South of the Black Sea, Northwest of Asia Minor

Caucasus Mountains

Mountains Spanning from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea

Tigris River

Empties into the Persian Gulf, East of the Euphrates River

Euphrates River

Empties into the Persian Gulf, West of the Tigris River


East of the Persian Gulf, South East of the Csapian Sea

Indus River

West of Kabul, West of Persia


South of Samarkand, West of the Indus River


North of Kabul, South East of the Aral Sea


On the Tigris River, East of Damascus and Jerusalem


North of Jersulem, South East of Asia Minor


South of Damascus, North East of Cairo


North of Mecca, On the Arabian Peninsula


South of Medina, on the Arabian Peninsula


On the Nile River, Just by the end of the Delta


West of The Red Sea, East of Tripoli


South of the Italian Peninsula, West of Cairo

Arabian Sea

West of the Horn of Africa, South of Persia and the the Arabian Peninsula

Baltic Sea

South West of the Scandanavian Peninsula, West of the north Sea

Seine River

South of Great Britan, West of the Rhine River

Rhine River

East of the Seine River, North of the Alps

Bay of Biscay

West of Gaul, North of the Iberian Peninsula

Adriatic Sea

East of The Italian Peninsula, West of the Balkan Peninsula


City in central Gaul


City south of Paris

Agean Sea

Sea West of Asia Minor, South West of the Black Sea


City East of Milan, on the water


The Current Countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland

Lake Ladoga

Lake East of Scandanavia, north of Novgorod


South of Lake Ladoga


On the Dnieper River

Dnieper River

Starts south of Lake Ladoga and empties into the Black Sea


South East of lake Ladoga


France Today

Rhine River

Begins on the West of the Alps and Empties into the
Meditereanian Sea

Po River

South of the Alps, empties into the Adriatic Sea


on Balkan Peninsula


north east of Sparta


South West of Athens


West of the Nile River on the shoreline

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