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  1. Performance Teams
  2. Karl Marx (1814-1883)
  3. No child left behind
  4. Income
  5. Social stratification
  1. a People's earning from wages, dividends, interest, and any rents or royalties that are paid to them on properties they own.
  2. b -Argued capitalism frustrates the development of human potential.
    -Human nature: desire for human action.
    -Most important of these activities = labor.
  3. c A society's system for ranking people and distributing rewards according to such attributes as income, wealth, power, prestige, age, sex, ethnicity, race, religion, and celebrity.
  4. d Attempts to address the underachievement of minority students in poor communities by instituting a system of standardized testing and requiring schools that do not measure up on these tests to hire more qualified teachers.
  5. e The performance serves mainly to express the characteristics of the task that is performed and not the characteristics of the performer.

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  1. -More ascribed statuses.
    -Born and die in.
  2. Can also be defined as scapegoating which is the practice of singling out any party for no reason to negatively blame them.
  3. Taught to not like a certain group of people.
  4. -Keeps universities flush with tuition dollars: jobs.
    -Keeps you out of the work force for a bit.
    -Maintain inequalities.
    -Grade inflation and decrease in standards.
  5. What is acceptable behavior in society.

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  1. C. Wright MillsThoughts on topic.


  2. Life chancesSocial strata that are based primarily on economic criteria such as occupation, income, and wealth.


  3. Spatial mobilityAbility to move from one strata to another.


  4. CompetitionSomeone does not like the opposing team or someone who is not on their side.


  5. Poverty-Imaginary set of horizontal social layers.
    -More or less closed to entry by people outside any given layer.