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  1. Credential inflation
  2. C. Wright Mills
  3. Discrimination
  4. Open stratification system
  5. Life chances
  1. a Structured exchange of favors between big business executives, heads of federal government and military.
  2. b -The opportunities that an individual will have or be denied throughout life.
    -Education, health care, occupations, retirement, etc.
  3. c -Keeps universities flush with tuition dollars: jobs.
    -Keeps you out of the work force for a bit.
    -Maintain inequalities.
    -Grade inflation and decrease in standards.
  4. d -More achieved statuses.
    -Can move up or down.
  5. e Practice of different and unequal treatment of other group.

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  1. To justify that a certain group of people are below you.
  2. Can also be defined as scapegoating which is the practice of singling out any party for no reason to negatively blame them.
  3. The performance serves mainly to express the characteristics of the task that is performed and not the characteristics of the performer.
  4. Focuses on the socialization of all young people for membership into society.
  5. Ability to move from one strata to another.

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  1. Structural mobilityMovement of an individual or group from one social stratum to another caused by the elimination of an entire class as a result of changes in the means of existence.


  2. 3 Parts to one's attitude-Cognitive.
    -Behavioral or Action-orientation.


  3. Legitimacy in governmentWhat is acceptable behavior in society.


  4. Closed stratification system-More ascribed statuses.
    -Born and die in.


  5. Action-orientationBehavioral.