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  1. Strata
  2. Social stratification
  3. Castes
  4. Prejudice
  5. Mass education
  1. a Focuses on the socialization of all young people for membership into society.
  2. b A system of negative beliefs, feelings, and action-orientations regarding a certain group or groups of people.
  3. c -Imaginary set of horizontal social layers.
    -More or less closed to entry by people outside any given layer.
  4. d Social strata into which people are born and which they remain for life (cannot get out of).
  5. e A society's system for ranking people and distributing rewards according to such attributes as income, wealth, power, prestige, age, sex, ethnicity, race, religion, and celebrity.

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  1. To justify that a certain group of people are below you.
  2. General evaluation held by an individual about something.
  3. Capacity of a society to create and maintain the belief that the existing political institutions are the most appropriate for the society.
  4. Movement of an individual or group from one social stratum to another caused by the elimination of an entire class as a result of changes in the means of existence.
  5. Behavioral.

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  1. Performance TeamsBrought up by authoritarian parents with strict obedience.


  2. Life chances-The opportunities that an individual will have or be denied throughout life.
    -Education, health care, occupations, retirement, etc.


  3. Credential inflationTaught to not like a certain group of people.


  4. CognitiveThoughts on topic.


  5. CompetitionSomeone does not like the opposing team or someone who is not on their side.