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  1. concern
  2. concentrate
  3. widespread
  4. fragile
  5. pounce
  1. a to be about; interest
  2. b spread or stretched over a large area. Happening or found in a large area
  3. c to focus all one's thoughts or efforts on
  4. d easily broken or damaged
  5. e to swoop down and seize

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  1. something that incolves a person or people
  2. of a time just before the present
  3. bird claw
  4. to bring or come togethre in one place
  5. to think about carefully

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  1. promptquick, to cause to act


  2. considerto take into account


  3. trophyquick, to cause to act


  4. concerna business organization


  5. concernsomething that incolves a person or people