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  1. apparent
  2. recent
  3. contrast
  4. pounce
  5. concern
  1. a to compare in order to show the differences; a difference
  2. b to swoop down and seize
  3. c of a time just before the present
  4. d to be about; interest
  5. e seeming or appearing to be

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  1. to trouble or worry
  2. something that stands for something else.
  3. to bring or come togethre in one place
  4. quick, to cause to act
  5. something that is likely to do harm or is dangerous; to be a danger; to put at risk

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  1. apparentof a time just before the present


  2. widespreadspread or stretched over a large area. Happening or found in a large area


  3. fragileeasily broken or damaged


  4. considerto think about carefully


  5. concerna business organization