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  1. a category of software, such as linux, that includes its uncompiled source code which can be modified and distributed by programers
  2. copyrighted computer apps sold to consumers for profit
  3. a license that limits use of software to only one person at a time
  4. any software that is available for use by the pblic with out restriction except that it cannot be copyrighted
  5. copyrighted software marketed under a license that allows users to use the software for a trial period and then send in a reg. fee if they wish to cont. to use it

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  1. PDFcommercial software available as a trail version and distributed for free


  2. multiple-user licensea software license that allows more than one person to use the software; priced per user and allows the allocated # fo ppl to use the software at any time


  3. concurrent-user licensea software license agreement that is priced per copy and allows a specific # of copies to be used at the same time


  4. lets you download utilities to download data with softwarehow is utility handy