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eccles 4

scientific ___ and religious ___ do NOT contradict each other (theories and beliefs may contradict eachother)
The principal subject of divine revelation is God ____
Jesus Christ
the full and divine revelation of God
Divine revelation is _____ in christ
faith, mysteries
The ____ of the Church develops as she moves through history, penetrating more deeply into the ___ she has received
Apostolic Tradition
the transmission of the message of Christ. divine revelation is transmitted through this.
Holy Spirit
the apostles transmitted all that they had received from christ & learned from the ____
scripture, tradition
the apostolic tradition occurs in: 1 sacred ______ , 2 sacred ______
deposit of faith
(the fullness of God's revelation) entrusted to the apostles and their successors
is the ultimate author of scripture
____ authors are true authors, inspired by the Holy Spirit
"religion of the living Word" NOT a religion of the book
unity, living tradition, faith
Scripture must be read: 1 according the the content and ____ of the scripture as a whole 2 in light of the _____ _____ 3 in light of the analogy of _____
Literal scripture
the actual meaning of the words used by the sacred author
allegorical scripture
the meaning of the literal sense in relation to Christ
moral scripture
the meaning of the literal sense in relation to how one ought to live
anagogical scripture
the meaning of the literal sense in relation to eternal things (ex. heaven, hell, judgment)
1.the list of books considered sacred & normative for the Catholic faith 2.the list of books considered Divinely inspired (ie books of the bible)
Church, catholocity
the ____ defined the canon of Sacred Scripture. it based her judgment on various criteria, including apostolic authorship, orthodox content & ____
Sacred scripture is _____.
firmly, faithfully
the books of sacred scripture "teach ____, _____ & w/o error such truth as God, for the sake of our salvation, wished the biblical text to contain. " (Dei Verbum, no. 11)
the apostolic tradition comes down to us by apostolic ___ in sacred scripture and tradition
sacred tradition
faith which the church has received from christ through the apostles & all of the ways the faith has been passed on in creeds, doctrines, decisions of magisterium, liturgies and patterns of prayer and service
the official teaching office of the church. Christ estd. teaching office of the Church.
Christ gave the authority to ___ in His Name to St.peter and the apostles and their successors (pope & bishops)
interpret, false, teaching
the purpose of the teaching office is to ____ authentically the "deposit of faith" by: 1 defining teaching as true 2 condemning teachings as ____ 3 directing the course of the development of Church _____
Holy Spirit
Sacred Tradition, sacred scripture and the magisterium work together under the guidance of the __ ___
the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church whereby the pope & bishops in communion with him can difinitively proclaim a doctrine of faith or morals fr the belief of the faithful
infallibility, purity
Christ willed to give the Church a share in his own ___ in order to preserve the ___ of the faith
The gift of infallibility may be exercised: the ____ in virtue of his office as supreme pastor & teacher of all the faithful when he proclaims by definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals
the gift of infallibility may be exercised by: the body of ___ when they exercise the Supreme magisterium together with the Pope, above all in the ecumenical council
the gift of infallibility is related to the ____ of the whole faithful to err in matters of faith & morals
the most severe penalty in the Church; suicide and murder do not count
the ___ of excommunication pertains to the RULING office (not teaching)
one who is excommunicated cannot receive the ____ or hold church office
one who is excommunicated may be ___ to God and His Church
rejection of the truth of faith