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collection of info from the environment via sensory receptors and organs, pick up various stimuli from environment through transduction, converts that info into neural signal and processes it, resulting in perception


mental experience generated by the gathered information, it is the analysis and interpretation of info by the nervous system which leads to the experience of a particular mental state, subjective and internal experience


a phenomenon in which somatic cells, direct their movements according to certain chemicals in their environment


use energy from light to survive


moving towards light


moving or bending or growing towards lights


light sensitive fungus, attracted to light, grows at an almost visible rate (1 mm per hour)

naive realism

common sense theory about perception, we see things exactly how they are

five fundamental canonical senses

vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch

vestibular sense

sense of balance, detects our movement, processed by the body and the mind in a different way than all the other senses


comes from many receptors of the muscles and the joints


extrasensory perception, anything that's not our 5 basic senses, ex: telepathy

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