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Solar Energy is___

Energy depreived from the sun in the form of solar radiation; energy from the sun that can be used for heating or to make electricity

Solar Energy is considered_____

Renewable; the sun is constantly giving off energy in the forms of heat and light

Advantages of Solar Energy

does not cause pollution; free; will not run out for billions of years

Disavantages of Solar Energy

is only available when the sun is shining; the energy Earth recieves is very spread out; expensive up front

Coal is___

a combustible black or brownish sedimentary rock composed mostly of carbon and hydrocarbons. It is the most abundant fossil fuel produced in the U.S.; It is an organic rock formed from the dead remains of plants and animals

Coal is considered___

Nonrenewable; coal doesn't reform in a human's lifetime. It takes millions of years to create

Advantages of Coal

is very abundant; is cheap; is easy to find; produces a lot of energy

Disadvantages of Coal

produces a lot of pollution; dangerous to mine

Geothermal Energy is___

is heat from within the Earth

Geothermal Energy is considered___

Renewable; heat is continuosly being produced inside of the Earth

Advantages of Geothermal Energy

is an unlimited source of energy; is cheap

Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

there are only a few places where it is hot enough that is close to the surface; drilling deep wells is very expensive; hot spots are hard to find

Wind Energy is___

is the kinetic energy of the air in motion; energy produced by moving air

Wind Energy is considered___

Renewable; when the sun heats the surface unevenly, different areas of the atmosphere have different temperatureand air pressure. The differences in pressure cause winds as the air moves fro one area to another. As long as the sun shines, there will always be winds to provide energy.

Advantages of Wind Energy

is free; does not cause pollution

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

the turbines kill a lot of wildlife; the generators are noisy; the wind turbines can be destroyed in very strong winds; a wind turbine is expensive to install

Petroleum (Oil) is___

a thick, black, liquid fossil fuel; was formed form the remains of small animals, algae, and other organisms that lived in oceans and shallow inland sea hundred of millions of years ago.

Petroleum (Oil) is considered___

Nonrenewable; doesn't reform in a human's lifetime

Advantages of Petroleum (Oil)

is used to power many things; is used to make many everyday lives

Disadvantages of Petroleum (Oil)

is hard to find; as gasoline, pollutes a lot; is expensive to buy

Natural Gas is___

a mixture of methane and other gases; forms from some os the same organisms as Petroleum (Oil) (the remains of small animals, algae, and other organisms that lived in oceans and shallow inland sea hundred of millions of years ago)

Natural Gas is considered___

Nonrenewable; doesn't reform in a human's lifetime

Advantages of Natural Gas

produces large amounts of energy; doesn't pollute as much as coal or oil; can be used as a fuel for many transportation devices; is widely available; burns without releasing soot or sulfer dioxide

Disadvantages of Natural Gas

is highly flammable; a gas leak can cause a violent explosionand fire; is a fossil fuel meaning it releases CO2; can be expensive to use; when using in cars or trucks, the milage is lower than gasoline

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