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  1. Ketonuria
  2. __________ predisposed to calcium oxalate urolithiasis
  3. DTM:
  4. False Positive Urine Protein can be caused by blood in urine (True or False)
  5. Multiple Reagent Test Strips can differentiate between red blood cells, myoglobin, and hemoglobin (True or False)
  1. a True
  2. b False, to determine which components are present must do serum examination and sediment examination
  3. c excess production of ketone bodies in amounts greater than can be metabolized by peripheral tissue ... result of not enough body glucose
  4. d solid selective, differential medium
    contains phenol red as a pH indicator, medium is yellow prior to inoculation and will turn from yellow to red when positive in 3-5 days
  5. e Miniature Schnauzers

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  1. occurs in hosts with weakened immune system
  2. filamentous form of growing mold

    mass = mycelium
  3. Microsporum canis
  4. textured appearance, range from fine to course
    form higher up in tubules
  5. white, pink, green, blue, gray, black

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  1. Cryptococcus:caused by Cryptococcus neofromans
    found worldwide in soil and pigeon feces as the creatanine in bird feces increases growth
    common in outdoor cats
    infection by nasal inhalation that causes chronic nasal discharge
    diagnosed by fungal serology, cultures, cytology (impression smears with india ink)


  2. Average estimate of normal urine production1mL - 1kg - hr


  3. Symptoms of Aspergillus in Birds:Pneumonia, sinusitis, air sacculitis
    Severe weight loss
    Caseous white nodules in lungs and air sacs


  4. Cystocentesisrequires penetration of bladder through the body wall and can be accompanied by minimal bleeding
    best way to analyze upper urinary tract for infection
    most sterile - minimal contamination, minimal trauma


  5. Microscopic Examination to Diagnose ringwormskin, hair, nail tissue is collected for culture and microscopy