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  1. Required materials for Urinalysis:
  2. Ectothrix
  3. Catheterization
  4. Systemic Mycoses
  5. Fungal Yeasts in Urine Sediment
  1. a can be used on male dogs for assessment of urethral patency and upper urinary tract infection
    often results in iatrogenic presence of RBC in urine
  2. b Infection involving the outside of the hair follicle
    Usually Microsporum
  3. c microscope, clinical centrifuge, refractometer, glass slides, test tubes or red-top tubes, distilled water, pipettes or small syringes, multi-reagent dipsticks
  4. d in unstained sediment are round to oval in shape, colorless and may have obvious budding
  5. e involves the blood and internal organs

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  1. increased red or white blood cells
    numerous crystals
    lipiduria (lipids often rise to the surface)
    mucus (especially in horses)
    fecal contamination
  2. large yellow-brown or colorless spheroids with radial striations
    smaller crystals with round, ovoid, or dumbbell shapes
  3. Ketonuria or Glucosuria
    Associated with pregnancy toxemia and diabetes mellitus
  4. sulfa drugs
  5. None

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  1. Genus of dermatophytesMicrosporum and Trichophyto


  2. Normal 24 hour production of urine in dogs and catsChronic nasal discharge, sneezing and rhinitis


  3. False Positive Urine Protein can be caused by blood in urine (True or False)True


  4. Opportunistic parasiteabsorb things that are dead, but under certain conditions can start absorbing while organism is still alive


  5. Represents different stages of degeneration of cells in a castcellular, granular, waxy


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