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  1. Hematuria:
  2. Struvite Crystal shape
  3. Common causes of abnormal turbidity include:
  4. Symptoms of Aspergillus in Horses:
  5. Nephron consists of:
  1. a colorless, 3-D, prism-like (coffin lids)
  2. b RBC will be present on urine sediment
    may be caused by collection method, infection, neoplasia, or trauma
  3. c Guttoral Pouch Disease (out pocket of eustachian tube)
    Hemorrahage, epsitaxis, dysphagia, purulent nasal discharge
  4. d glomerulus, Bowmans capsule, renal tubules, and vascular supply
  5. e increased red or white blood cells
    numerous crystals
    lipiduria (lipids often rise to the surface)
    mucus (especially in horses)
    fecal contamination

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  1. fungi that cause superficial infections
  2. affect only hair shaft and outermost, nonliving layer of skin
  3. functional unit of the kidney
  4. Infection involving the outside of the hair follicle
    Usually Microsporum
  5. promote struvite crystalluria by raising pH (alkaline) and increasing free ammonia

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  1. Hyaline castlipid casts ... most common seen in cat urine


  2. Urine consists of:excess body water (95%) and concentration of waste products like urea and excess salt ions (5%)


  3. Fatty castlipid casts ... most common seen in cat urine


  4. Azotemiano urine production


  5. There should be ______ amount of blood in normal animals urine.occur in highly buffered alkaline urine samples