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  1. Superficial Mycoses
  2. Types of Casts:
  3. Primary Systemic Mycoses
  4. Yeast reproduction
  5. In vitro factors that influence types and numbers of urinary crystals
  1. a hyaline, granular, waxy, cellular, leukocyte, blood casts, lipid casts
  2. b affect only hair shaft and outermost, nonliving layer of skin
  3. c budding (fission)
  4. d occurs regardless of the hosts health
  5. e temperature (solubility decreases with temperature)
    evaporation (increases solute concentration)
    urine pH (changes with standing and bacterial overgrowth)

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  1. Sedistain
  2. leads to various renal tubules for absorption and secretion
    fluid portion of blood(plasma) and waste products like urea (called glomerular filtrate) are strained through glomerular tuft into Bowman's capsule
    Normal conditions blood cells, proteins should NOT be strained, should be reabsorbed
  3. result when disease processes such as ischemia, infraction, or nephrotoxicity cause degeneration and necrosis of tubular epithelial cells
    presence indicates acute tubular injury
  4. USG
  5. damage to renal epithelium

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  1. Casts in Urine Sedimentonly seen when urine is checked immediately
    cyclindrical structures composed mainly of mucoprotein secreted by epithelial cells lining loop of Henle, distal tubules, and collecting ducts
    indicate renal damage


  2. False Positive Glucose Reactions:None


  3. Glycouriadecrease in total urine production


  4. False Negative Bilirubin Reactions:high bilirubin levels in the urine


  5. Prognosis and Treatment of Histoplasmosis:if CNS affected, poor prognosis
    if Pulmonary affected, fair prognosis
    Can cause ocular blindness
    Treat with an anti-fungal Intraconazole