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  1. Ringworm
  2. Blood Casts found in ...
  3. Cutaneous Mycoses
  4. Granular cast
  5. False Negative Bilirubin Reactions:
  1. a textured appearance, range from fine to course
    form higher up in tubules
  2. b infection of superficial skin, hair, and nails
  3. c bleeding into renal tubules, pyelonephritis
  4. d tinea
    skin lesion appearance occurs with circular area of hair loss with red, raised outer rim ... inflammatory response to fungus
  5. e Aged urine samples - conjugated bilirubin hydrolyzes to unconjugated bilirubin if left at room temp
    Exposure to UV light - UV light converts bilirubin to biliverdin
    Ascorbic Acid - high concentrations of Vitamin C inhibit the strip reaction

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  1. colorless, 3-D, prism-like (coffin lids)
  2. Ultraviolet initial screening exam for animals suspected for ringworm
    Shone onto the hair coat in a dark room and infected hairs may fluoresce(glow) with a characteristic apple-green color
    Nondefinitive test
  3. clear serum and evidence of muscle trauma or disease
    rare in dogs and cats
  4. - high concentrations of ascorbic acid that inhibit the reaction
    - drugs like salicylates or tetracycline
  5. absorb, not ingest, food

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  1. Nephronfunctional unit of the kidney


  2. Glycouriano urine production


  3. Bilirubinuria caused by:high bilirubin levels in the urine


  4. 2/3 of nephron in use:shows symptoms of kidney disease


  5. Bilirubinuriahigh bilirubin levels in the urine