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  1. Bowman's capsule
  2. Opportunistic parasite
  3. Symptoms of Aspergillus in Birds:
  4. Protein in urine indicates ...
  5. Subcutaneous Mycoses
  1. a disease of urinary system
  2. b affect the skin as well as muscle and connective tissue immediately below the skin
  3. c Pneumonia, sinusitis, air sacculitis
    Severe weight loss
    Caseous white nodules in lungs and air sacs
  4. d leads to various renal tubules for absorption and secretion
    fluid portion of blood(plasma) and waste products like urea (called glomerular filtrate) are strained through glomerular tuft into Bowman's capsule
    Normal conditions blood cells, proteins should NOT be strained, should be reabsorbed
  5. e absorb things that are dead, but under certain conditions can start absorbing while organism is still alive

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  1. measurement of density of urine compared to pure water
  2. mold form, macroconidia abundant, moderately thin-walls, cigar-shaped and about 3-6 divisions, walls sometimes bumpy, microconidia essentially absent
  3. fragments of hyphae, break off at septae (cross walls)
  4. None
  5. True

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  1. Prognosis and Treatment for Aspergillus:if pulmonary affected, fair
    Treat with Itraconazole, Fluconazole, Amphoterin B


  2. Genus of dermatophytesRingworm
    infection caused by dermatophytic fungus in the dead keratinized tissues (nails, hair, skin)


  3. Struvite Crystal shapeselective
    active transport


  4. Urine Glucoseamount of glucose in urine directly relates to glucose blood level


  5. What can a positive Microscopic Exam conclude?That there is an infection
    Cannot distinguish btwn common types of infective species