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  1. Most common drug crystals
  2. Myoglobinuria
  3. Sperm in Urine Sediment
  4. Types of Casts:
  5. Increased susceptibility to ringworm
  1. a sulfa drugs
  2. b show intact maleness of donor
    rarely may be seen in urine from recently-bred female
  3. c clear serum and evidence of muscle trauma or disease
    rare in dogs and cats
  4. d hyaline, granular, waxy, cellular, leukocyte, blood casts, lipid casts
  5. e preexisting injury to the skin such as scars, burns, excessive temperature, humidity

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  1. True
  2. 280 mg/dL
  3. small tuft of capillaries that rest in Bowman's capsule
  4. Scraping of scale, taken from leading edge of rash after skin cleaned with 70% alcohol
    Hair which pulled from root
    Brushings from area of scaly scalp
    Nail clippings
    Skin Biopsy
    Swab from pustules in case secondary bacterial infection
  5. Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, Trichopyton metagrophytes

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  1. Leukocytes in Urinepathological concentration = more than 20 per uL


  2. Genus of dermatophytesMicrosporum and Trichophyto


  3. Amorphous uratesNa, K, Mg, or Ca salts
    form in acidic urine
    may have yellow to yellow-brown color


  4. Casts in Urine Sedimentnormal in urine in low numbers


  5. Normal 24 hour production of urine in dogs and cats20-44 mL/kg