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  1. Histoplasmosis:
  2. Ringworm Zoonotic?
  3. Molds
  4. Cystocentesis
  5. Yeasts
  1. a microscopic spore that germinate quickly and colonize new food substrates quickly
    grow where damp
  2. b requires penetration of bladder through the body wall and can be accompanied by minimal bleeding
    best way to analyze upper urinary tract for infection
    most sterile - minimal contamination, minimal trauma
  3. c caused by Histoplasma capsulatum
    found in humid environment with high nitrogen level in soil in midwest and southern US
    associated with bird and bat droppings
    infection caused by inhalation of spores
    diagnose by serology, fungal cultures, and cytology
  4. d unicellular fungi, with rounded cells that have colonies that look like bacteria
  5. e yes
    can be transmitted to humans so take precautions when treating animals

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  1. excess production of ketone bodies in amounts greater than can be metabolized by peripheral tissue ... result of not enough body glucose
  2. Ringworm
    infection caused by dermatophytic fungus in the dead keratinized tissues (nails, hair, skin)
  3. functional unit of the kidney
  4. cats, especially longhaired breeds
  5. examines gross colony morphology as well as fungal microscopic characteristics, it may take 30-60 days for dermatophytes to grow as they are slow growing

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  1. Heterotrophicselective
    active transport


  2. Subjective evaluations of Urinalysis:color and turbidity


  3. Fungi are:main breakdown product of body proteins (formed with liver mostly form the nitrogenous groups on amino acids)


  4. Urine pH greater than 7.0excess body water (95%) and concentration of waste products like urea and excess salt ions (5%)


  5. Superficial Mycosesaffect only hair shaft and outermost, nonliving layer of skin