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  1. Common causes of abnormal turbidity include:
  2. Symptoms of Aspergillus in Birds:
  3. Nitrite levels in Urine
  4. Heterotrophic
  5. In vitro factors that influence types and numbers of urinary crystals
  1. a any pink discoloration on multiple reagent test strip indicates positive reaction
  2. b cant make their own food
  3. c Pneumonia, sinusitis, air sacculitis
    Severe weight loss
    Caseous white nodules in lungs and air sacs
  4. d temperature (solubility decreases with temperature)
    evaporation (increases solute concentration)
    urine pH (changes with standing and bacterial overgrowth)
  5. e increased red or white blood cells
    numerous crystals
    lipiduria (lipids often rise to the surface)
    mucus (especially in horses)
    fecal contamination

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  1. concentration and solubility of crystallogenic substances contained in the specimen
    urine pH
    excretion of diagnostic and therapeutic agents
  2. Pulmonary disease - coughing
    Weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea - slowly eats away GI tract
    Draining wounds - non-healing
  3. no RBC on urine sediment and urine supernatant and plasma will be red ... in general affected animals will have low hematocrit
  4. can be used on male dogs for assessment of urethral patency and upper urinary tract infection
    often results in iatrogenic presence of RBC in urine
  5. Sedistain

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  1. Methods for Microscopic Examinationyeasts


  2. __________ predisposed to calcium oxalate urolithiasisMiniature Schnauzers


  3. Specimens for Fungal microscopy and culture:Scraping of scale, taken from leading edge of rash after skin cleaned with 70% alcohol
    Hair which pulled from root
    Brushings from area of scaly scalp
    Nail clippings
    Skin Biopsy
    Swab from pustules in case secondary bacterial infection


  4. Oliguriadecrease in total urine production


  5. Waxy castsmooth consistency but more refractile
    commonly have squared off ends


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