Cell Biology Quiz 5

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______ is the protein that enables DNA Pol alpha to be exchanged for DNA Pol delta.

C. Topoisomerase
D. Beta clamp
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______ is formed when methyl-cytosine is deaminated. A. Uracil B. 6MethylA C. Thymine D. 8oxoGC_______ is a repair pathway that uses microhomology to repair DNA breaks. A. NER B. MMR C. NHEJ D. HRC_____ is a structure that forms after homologous chromosomes join in dsDNA break repair. A. Alkylation end joining B. Coil-coils C. Holliday Junctions D. Thymine dimersC_______ is the process of vascularizing tissue. A. Angiogenesis B. Initiation C. Promotion D. DifferentiationA______ is the DNA repair pathway that would target PAHs. A. NER B. MMR C. BER D. HRA______ is the detachment and spread of primary cancer cells. A. Loss of Heterogeneity B. Differentiation C. Metastasis D. AnaplasiaC______ is the condition where a cell has two copies of a mutant allele. A. Loss of Heterozygosity B. Hypomethylation C. Loss of Heterogeneity D. HyperchromaticA_____ is the characteristic behavior of a cell that has lost DNA repair ability. A. Hypomethylation B. Hyperplasia C. Differentiation D. Mutator PhenotypeD_______ is the bacterial protein that cleaves the DNA strand containing a mispaired nucleotide. A. MUTL B. MUTS C. PMS2 D. MUTHD______ is the term that describes incorrect chromosome separation during M phase. A. Nondisjunction B. Loss of Heterozygosity C. Anaplasia D. Cancer PromotionA