Ch 8-Key Terms-Art of Massage

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Active movements

are initiated and powered by the individual him/her self

Passive movements

movements initiated and controlled by another person, while the recipient remains totally relaxed and receptive

Assisted movements

a person initiates the movement, while another person helps him or her complete it

Resisted movements

a person initiates the movement, while a second person offers resistance, thereby challenging the muscles used

Mobilizing techniques

or free joint movements are nonspecific passive movements applied within the normal range of motion


type of joint movement applied to the limit of a joint's normal range in a specific direction;I t elongates muscles & connective tissues that cross the joint; used to increase flexibility at the joint & for muscle relaxation

4 basic methods of stretching

1. simple static stretch
2. contract-relax-stretch (CRS)
3. CRS using reciprocal inhibition
4. active assisted stretch

Simple static stretch

type of passive stretch characterized by slow, sustained and even application


practitioner gets into position to apply the stretch, but first asks the client to contract the muscle to be stretched against resistance (resisted movement). Immediately following the targeted muscle's relaxation, the stretch is applied

Reciprocal inhibition

practitioner gets into position to apply the stretch, but first asks the client to contract the target muslce's antagonist against a resistance. The target muscle relaxes as its antagonist contracts. Immediately following the antagonist's relaxation, the stretch is applied

Active assisted stretch

practitioner gets into position to apply the stretch and then directs the recipient to actively move the body part in the desired direction. The practitioner then assists the stretch, providing additional force in the direction of the movement.

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