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Face On The Milk Carton Chapters 15 and 16.

Why did Janie think writing her notebook was good?
Janie felt that writing was good because she could get her thoughts out without anyone knowing.
Why did Reeve tell his sister about the kidnapping?
Reeve told his sister about the kidnapping because he felt that Janie needed help and she could provide it, because she is in law school.
Was this a good idea? Why or Why Not?
It was a good idea of Reeve to tell Lizzie because Lizzie thought an idea that made sense.
What idea did Lizzie have?
Lizzie's ideas were that Hannah took Janie and told her parents that it was her child and Janie was loosing her mind.
How did Lizzie determine who was the individual who had really done the kidnapping?
Lizzie determined that because Hannah was running from the cult, and the Johnsons could never do such a thing, so they figured that Hannah kidnapped Janie.
How did this help Janie?
Lizzie helped Janie because it showed that the Johnsons weren't bad people.
What problems did Lizzie foresee?
If Janie told anyone, there would have to be a case, and Hannah would have to be tracked to prove or disprove the thought.
Did Janie's friends know something was bothering her?
They did realize, but didn't want to ask.
Did her mother know why she was upset when her notebook fell open?
Janie's parents had no clue why Janie was upset when her notebook fell open.
How could Janie handled these situations without telling the truth?
Janie could have talked to Lizzie rather than her parents.
What would have happened if she told the truth right then?
If Janie would have told the truth at the moment, Lizzie might have never gotten involved, Janie's mom would been upset, and her friends would of called her crazy.
Why couldn't Janie destroy the milk carton?
Janie Couldn't destroy the milk carton because it was the only thing she had of her, Jennie.
What did Reeve mean when he called the milk carton the "Pandora Box"?
When Reeve called the milk carton Pandora Box he meant that it held bad secrets and evil things, and once it was opened you couldn't put then back.
What were Janie's theories on why Frank and Miranda had not read about the kidnapping and seen her picture?
Janie's theories for Frank and Miranda not seeing the paper or story was that they were traveling.
Why were Janie's friendship with Sarah- Charlotte and Reeve in trouble?
Janie's friendship with Sarah- Charlotte was in trouble because Janie was keeping secrets. Janie's friendship with Reeve was in trouble because he knew "too much", and it was all Janie talked about.
Do you agree with Janie's decision? Why?
No, because she may never know the full truth Janie's decision to break up with Reeve wasn't very smart. He was the only close person who knew about New Jersey, and he tried to help her.