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Exam Cram Comptia A+ 220-701 220-702 Ch. 14 P.421


Internet protocol configuration or ___displays current TCP/IP network configuration values.


This is one of the first tools you should use when troubleshooting network connectivity.


Windows Ip Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Ip Address.................:
Subnet Mask..............:
Default Gateway........:


tests whether another host is available over the internet. It's the easy way to see if another host is "alive."


You can use ___to test wether a computer has TCP/IP is installed properly, even if it is not wired to the network.

Ping let you ___ yourself.


Short for Traceroute.


builds on ping that it sends packets to destination beyond the local computer's network.


It pings routers along the way between you and the final destination.


Shows network statistics for the local computer.


The default command displays sessions to remote computers.


This command can tell us a lot about our session.


Can tell us if a session is timed out, or if it completely closes.

-n switch

to see this information numerically, try using the ____ after the netstat command.


Queries DNS servers to discover DNS details including the IP address of hosts.


Means name server lookup and can aid in finding DNS servers and DNS records in a domain as well.


Command is actually a collection of commands.

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