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Day of Pentacost
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maltaPaul shipwrecked on the island spend 3 months hereSaul of TarsusOne of the greatest Pharisees and scholars of his time; went to persecute the Christians in Damascus; helped with the martyrdom of St. Stephen.Pax RomanaRoman PeaceNeroFirst Roman emperor to persecute Christians Born in AD 37CatacombsAn underground cemetery beneath the city streets of RomeMartyrsPeople who suffer or die for their beliefsapologeticThings that explain what Christians believeTrajanMade it a capital crime to be a christianJosephusJewish historian, wrote the Works of Josephus.A.D70Destruction of JerusalmDisaporaThe disperision of the Jewish people.MasadaJewish fortress overlooking the Dead Sea in IsraelZealotsradical Jews who supported rebellion against the Romans / Jews who fled from the Romans and hid.Eleazar Ben YairThe leader of the Jewish resistance group against the Romans that ended in a mass suicide1947Dead Sea scrolls foundQumranWhere the Dead Sea scrolls were foundLanguages of the Dead Sea scrollsHebrew, Aramaic, greekEsseneswrote scrollsWhen was Pompeii destroyed by Mount Vesuvius?A.D. 79A.D. 79`Mt. Vesuvius erupted.PompeiiA.D. 79Who was the apostles creed written by?Early ChristiansThe Roman creed was written100 years after JesusPope Gelcslus.Made St.Valintine a holidayWhen is St.Valintine celebratedFebruary 15thSt.Valintine was a ?MayterDiocletianRoman emperor who divided the empire into a West and an East section,was voted emperor in A.D 284, hated Christians, and wanted to be worshipped like JupiterDominos NosterOur LordJupiterThe father of the mythological godsSt. GeorgeWas put to death on Apr.23,303 because he wouldn't worship Diocletian, and famous for the legend of slaying a dragonConstantineEmperor of the Roman Empire who moved the capital to Constantinople. He eventually converted to Christianity as well.313 ADEdict of MilanEdict of Milanissued by Constantine in 313, ended the "great persecution" and legalized Christianity in the Roman EmpireConstantinopleHow long did the golden age of India last.A.D 320-500What was the ruling family of the golden age.Gupta dynasty or samudragupta.sacrad litureMahabharata and ramayanaIndia's main religion?HinduismVedasHymns of the HindusThe process of reliving life is ?ReincarnationThe MayaPeople who lived in Mexico and the rain forests of Central AmericaBering StraitThe land bridge between North America and Asia that historians think the maya used to migrate acrossWhat is the period of time called, when the maya culture took of. (350 - 900)Classical periodSaint Augustine was born inNorth Africa in 354Who was Saint Augustine's motherMonicaWhat is the art of speakingRetoricSaint Augustine Wrote the what to help the romans better under stand the Bible betterPatrick was born when and where?389 in Great BritainWhen did Patrick return to Ireland432What did Patrick use to symbolize the trinityA ShamrockHow many church did Patrick start and how many people did he baptize300 churches 120,000 baptizedWas Patrick a Christian or a CatholicChristianVandalsAttacked Rome.Romulus Augustuluslast Roman emperorDark AgesA dark time in the history of Europe.barbarianAnyone outside of RomeEnglishThe angles were theFrenchThe franks are theDark Agespart of the Middle Ages from around 500-1000 A.D.SerfsLowest of the poor peasant farmersGuildA group of people who practiced the same tradePopePapaSt. Peter churchlargest Catholic ChurchEmperor Valentinian IIIdecided all archbishops should be in obedience to one head bishopCeltsLived in Etrope and were good iron smithsAngles, Saxons, JutesInvaded BritainBattle of Mt. Badon503Holy Grailthe dish, plate, cup or vessel used by Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers. It has long been the object of fruitless quests. By extension, the object of an extended or difficult quest.Joseph of ArimatheaShared the gospel with England.Justinian Codecode of lawNika Riotshappened in 532 in Constantinople over a sporting eventJustianian and theodora527-565Columbawas born to a Christian family in Ireland in521/ A man who had a fiery temper even though his name means Dove/Ionaa tiny island off the western coast of ScotlandIlluminated letterThe first letter written in calligraphy that stands out and is fancyMount FujiTallest mountain in JapanShintothe way of the godsShotoku TaishiFounded a new religionHoriuchi templeFounder of Japanese civilizationGrepory. The greatHelped the poor and needy.Lombardsa member of a Germanic people who invaded Italy in the 6th century.Dynastya powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position or power for some timeGolden Age of ChinaThe Tang Dynasty ushered thisThe teachings of ConfuciusLi Shi Mi studied thisKoranThe holy book of IslamMuhommadFounder of islamKabbaThe most sacred temple of Islam, located at MeccaJihadholy warTheocracya system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.St. BonifaceChristian missionary to GermanyChristmas treeBoniface was creditedHe was martyredThis is how Boniface diedIconsHoly imagesLeo the thirdbanned iconsiconoclasta person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutionsBattle of ToursEuropean armies defeat Muslim armies and stop the spread of Islam in EuropeCharles Martelled the Battle of Tours732Battle of ToursHarun al-Rashidu5Capital of the Abbasid familyScheherazadeThe Thousand and One NightsRostislavAsked the Byzantine to send missionaries to Slavic nationCyrillican alphabet drived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages9Anglo-SaxonOld EnglishAlfred the Greatfirst great king of EnglandLand of fire and iceIceland's nicknameFloki VilgerdarsenFirst person to actually explore IcelandIrish monksThe first people to inhabit Iceland before the Vikings ever set foot on itOceaniathe group of islands in the Pacific, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and PolynesiaSouthern Crossthe most familiar group of stars in the southern skycaptainSantiago de CompostelaSt.james filed of the starReconquistaThe effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain, lasting from the 1100s until 1492.RaballevoSpanish knightWhere was Macbeth,s home landScotlandAt the battle of bothagown who did Macbeth kill to steal the throne?King DuncanWho kills Macbeth?Malcolm the III1003When Leif Ericsson discovered North AmericaOlaf TryggvasonHe converted Leif Ericsson to ChristianityLeif EricsonFirst white man to discover North AmericaWho was the queen of France and EnglandEleanor of AquitaineHenry the 2 was most calledSaladinSultan of Egypt during the third CrusadeDome of the rocka mosque on the site where Solomon's temple once stoodpilgrimagea journey to a holy placeSir Walter Scott wroteIvanhoeRobert earl of hugingtonRobin HoodMost famous workSumma theologicalSt. Thomas Aquinas