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Cancer Town / Systemic Racism / Kids' Health & Racism

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City housing official
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Employee of the city housing authority, a government agency responsible for overseeing public housing, which typically includes apartments and houses owned by the government. The agency is tasked with ensuring decent, affordable, and safe rental or purchasing opportunities to low-income people who qualify.
For most American homeowners, the house represents the largest portion of their overall wealth, compared to retirement accounts and investments. As such, most personal wealth transferred from one generation to the next in the United States is based on the value of the home. In the context of the article, Gordon Plaza resident Jesse Perkins had hoped to pass his home onto his children one day, thus transferring his wealth to the next generation; however, because the land his home was built on is so unsafe, he no longer views this as a responsible option.
Image: Intergenerational transfer of wealth
Disposal site for hazardous waste. These areas are incredibly dangerous to the people living nearby, as toxic waste like discarded chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation can cause deadly health conditions like cancer. In the article, the author suggests that home buyers were never informed that the Gordon Plaza housing development was built on one of these sites.
A metal that can cause harmful effects in the human body. It is found in drinking water in where cities have old water lines, in house paint in older homes where the paint was purchased before the substance was banned, and, to a lesser degree, in soil and dust. Exposure to lead poisons the body; it poses an especially high threat to children, who can suffer brain damage as a result of prolonged exposure.