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What was necessary for education to develop as a separate social institution ?

society had to develop a sufficient surplus to devote some people to teaching

What social event created the belief that formal education was essential to the well being of society?

the industrialization of society

Who was the educator from Massachusetts. who, in 1837, proposed the "common school" to be supported through the tax dollars and established throughout the state (aka public schools)?

Horace Mann

The hunting-gathering societies have no seperate social institution called education.


What is the central sociological principle of education as it relates to a nation's needs?

it is a relfection of the nation's culture and economy

How did Horace Mann propose that the common schools he established be funded?

public taxation

What is the process by which schools pass a society's core values from one generation to the next?

cultural transmission of values

What is the most popular way to accompolish gatekeeping?

tracking or sorting students into different education programs

the central sociological principle of education is...

it reflects the nation's culture

Social integration promotes a student's

dedication to a national identity

A form of gatekeeping that uses diplomas and degrees to determine who is eligible for a job is called ________.


What do conflict theorists believe is the purpose of the hiddent curriculum?

it promotes social inequalities

According to sociologist Harry Gracey, kindergarten is somewhat like boot camp for the entire educational system because the student...

is taught to follow orders without questioning authority

The most significant predictor of whether a student will attend college is his/her ___________.

family background

Who developed the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy that explains why originally false assumptions become true because the outcome was predicted?

robert merton

Tracking is a form of gatekeeping in which students are sorted by their perceived ablities rather than their achieved ablities


To qualify as distance learning, what needs to be in effect?

students are not physically present with the instructor

What is the concept that some jobs require few skills and can be performed by people of less intelligence ?

higher intellectual levels

Prior to a formal system of eduation that included schools, teachers,and diplomas how was the manifest function of education accomplished?

through a process of acculturation

What is the main focus relfected by the education system in Japan?

a group centered approach that stresses uniformity

who continued education during the dark ages


harry gracey likening kindergarten to boot camp is an example of

cultural transmission of values through our schools

function of education that determines which people will enter what occupations


typical form of education in colonial times

home schooling

who began the "contemporary" home school movement in the 1950's and 60'


the home school shifted to who in the 70's and 80's


based on studies, are home school students affected socially?

no and they have fewer behavioral problems

the hidden curriculum refers to...

the attitudes and unwritten goals of the school/ conflict theorists believe it promotes social inequality

according to gracey how is kindergarten like boot camp

on command following classroom routines, speak when spoken to, acknowledge teachers ideas as superior

what did gracey conclude was THE purpose of kindergarten?

follow orders with unquestioning obedience

where does the funding for public schools come from

local property tax

conflict perspective on funding for public schools

the deck is stacked in ALL states against the poor

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