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Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

Corporate IT Policy

Written policy that outlines the appropriate use of IT resources.
-Usage policy
-access policy
-privacy policy-
-audit policy


listing of users and resources within a security schema
Microsoft-active directory
Novell-Netware directory service (NDS)


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
-TCP/IP standard protocol for accessing directories

Centralized AAA

centralized accounts, centralized resources, distributed access
-on LAN-most resources centralized on main server
Account DB, security, and accounting info held on server

Centralized Accounts with Distributed Resources AAA

centralized accounts, distributed resources, distributed access
-resources distributed across many servers and clients
-account db held on centralized servers
-access control and accounting info may be held on centralized servers or distributed (active directory)

Directory structure

Most modern enterprise directories are hierarchical in nature.

The primary entity is a user account. The user account is the basis for all access to network resources.

User Authentication

accounts are secured with a password.

The Directory is responsible for validating a user account.


Remote Authentication Dial In User Service

Defined to enable centralized authentication, authorization, and access control (AAA) for Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and Point to Point Protocol (PPP) dial-up sessions (RFC 2865)

Active Directory (overview)

Provides users with a single sign-on to network resources and provides administrators with powerful and consistent tools to manage security services for internal desktop users, remote dial-up users, and external e-commerce customers.

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