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War in Europe

What is nationalism?
pride in one's nation
What did Europeans believe about nationalism in the 1870s?
They belived that people with a common language and culture should throw off foreign rule and form their own countries
What was the result of France and Germany going to war in 1870?
France lost; it had to give Germany the iron-rich territory of Alsace- Lorraine
How did nationalism affect Eastern Europe?
it deepened hostility between Austria-Hungary and Russia
How did imperialism affect European nations between 1870 and 1914?
it fueled rivalries among powerful nations. Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia scrambled for colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Ocean.
What is militarism?
the policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war
How did militarism affect the European nations between 1870 and 1914?
they expanded their armies and navies, creating new stresses.
Who belonged to the Triple Alliance?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Who belonged to the Triple Entente?
France, Russia, Britian
How did the alliance system pose a threat to Europe?
The rival nations battled for territory.
Who belonged to the Balkan nations?
Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia
Who was Archduke Francis Ferdinand?
heir to the throne of Austria- Hungary
What was the capital of Bosnia?
What was the Black Hand?
wanted Bosnia to break away from Austria-Hungary and join Serbia
What did Gavrilo Princip do on June 28, 1914?
He shot Francis Ferdinand and Sophie
Why did a World War develop over a local issue?
What is a Kaiser?
German emperor
What were the years of World War I?
What is another name for World War I?
Great War or First World War
Who were the Central Powers?
GErmany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Ottoman
Who were the Allied Powers?
France, britian, and Russia
What is a stalemate?
a deadlock in which neither side is strong enough to defeat the other.
Describe trench warfare?
When war broke out in Europe what was the official position of the United States?
How did the American public feel about the war in Europe?
What were the immediate effects of the war on the United States?
What is propaganda?
the spreading of ideas that help a cause or hurt and opposing cause
The United States claimed neutrality and the right to trade with either side in the war. What problems did this cause?
What is a U-Boat?
a fleet of submarines that attcks a neutral shipping raise a storm of protest.
What was Germany's warning to the United States and other neutral nations?
What was President Wilson's warning to Germany?
What happened on May 7, 1915?
What was the Sussex Pledge?