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Daily Geography Week #31 Practice

D.G. week #31 practice flashcards for quiz - 6th grade
Lake Maracaibo
The largest lake in South America is located in northern Venezuela. What is its name?
United States and Canada
What two countries border the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska?
Yucatan Peninsula, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea
What is the name of the peninsula in Southeastern Mexico and what are the two largest bodies of water that it touches?
Which state extends farther north, Georgia or Texas?
In what country of Africa is the Nile River delta located?
Tip of Baja California
Which is farther south, the tip of Florida or the tip of Baja California?
In what direction is Point Barrow, Alaska, from Chicago, Illinois?
yes, you can leave South America and travel either west or east and arrive in Australia
Can Australia be both east and west of South America? explain.