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All Things Considered: Racist Housing Practices From The 1930s Linked To Hotter Neighborhoods Today

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This term is used to describe people or households who are paid such a small amount of money for their work that they struggle to pay their monthly bills. In the podcast, it is noted that areas in a particular city where low-income people live tend to have higher temperatures than areas in the same city that are not low-income.
Image: Low-income
A peer; a person or thing that occupies a similar position or serves a similar function to another person or thing. In the article accompanying the podcast, this term is used to contrast low-income areas, which experience higher temperatures, with more affluent areas, which experience lower temperatures, in the same city.
Nonprofit organization created to protect and restore the forests of the United States. It has also attempted to bring about change in cities by planting and caring for trees in urban areas. Like other nonprofits, it is a charitable organization whose budget is funded by donations and grants, and the reason it exists is not to make a profit, as is the purpose of businesses.