GCE O Level Biology: Definitions of Keywords from Nutrition in Plants, Transport in Plants and Humans

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AcclimatisationOccurs when body produces more red blood cells to compensate for a lower concentration of oxygen in the atmospherePhagocytosisProcess of engulfing and ingesting foreign particles by white blood cells/phagocytesBlood serumBlood plasma without fibrin and blood clotting factorsDouble circulationConsists of pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation where blood passes through the heart twice in one complete circuitVentricular systoleOccurs when ventricles contractVentricular diastoleOccurs when ventricles relaxBlood pressureForce that blood exerts on the walls of blood vesselsTissue fluidBlood plasma that has moved out of blood capillaries to the surrounding tissue cellsAtherosclerosisDeposition of fatty substances on the inner surface of an arteryThrombosisA blood clot that forms in an artery