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  1. combines financial measures that tell results of actions already taken with operational measures on customer satisfaction, internal processes and the corporation's innovation and improvement activities
    • Financial
    • Customer
    • Internal business perspective
    • Innovation and learning
  2. the end result of activity
  3. measures the difference between the market value of a corporation and the capital contributed by shareholders and lenders
    • Measures the stock market's estimate of the net present value of a firm's past and expected capital investment projects
  4. emphasize resources

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  1. Behavior controlsspecify how something is done through policies, rules, standard operating procedures and orders from supervisors; sales quota


  2. Shareholder Valuethe end result of activity


  3. Steering controlsmeasure variables that influence future profitability
    • Cost per passenger mile (airlines)
    • Inventory turnover ratio (retail)
    • Customer satisfaction


  4. Enterprise Risk Managementthe end result of activity