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If you are located to the WEST of a HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM, you would expect the wind to be:

Stationary Front

Alternating lines of blue and red on a surface weather chart indicate

The Earth Rotates once in 24 hours

Which of the following is not an assumption of the single-cell model of the general circulation of the atmosphere?

Thermal low

On a surface map during the month of July, one would expect to find what type of pressure system over the desert southwest of the United States?


Record breaking low temperatures are associated with which air mass?


The majority of the United States lies within this wind belt


Chicago, Illinois (latitude 42o N) is located in the

The front is regenerating or strengthening

The word "frontogenesis" on a weather map would mean that

Southward, Northward

The position of the Pacific high over the north Pacific Ocean shifts _______ in winter and _________ in summer


Clear sunny days with very cold nights would be associated with what type of air mass?

generally flat areas of uniform composition with light surface winds

A good source region for an air mass would be


Which of the following instruments measures air pressure?

Pressure will decrease with increasing height at the same rate in both columns

The surface pressures at the bases of warm and cold columns of air are equal. Knowng that information, which one of the following statements is not correct?

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

The greatest wind speed ever recorded at the Earth's surface occured a

Winds blowing past a chimney

An example of microscale motion is


The scale on an altimeter indicates altitude, but an altimeter actually measures


The smallest scale of atmospheric motion is the:

High, Low

On an upper-level weather map, normally we would find warm air associated with _____ pressure, and cold air associated with ______ pressure.

Millibars (or hectopascals)

The unit of pressure most commonly found on a weather map:

Wind Shear

An abrupt change in wind speed or wind direction is called:

High Pressure to low pressure

Air will flow from _______ pressure to areas of ________ pressure. Why is that?


Turn 45 degrees to cardinal direction

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