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The Solar System


When you look at an image of the sun, you are actually looking at the ________________.

Solar wind

The _________is a stream of electrically charged particles that extend outward from the sun's corona.


In a ______________, earth revolves around the sun.

inner planets

All of the _____________ are small and have rocky surfaces.


__________ predicted the existence and orbit of Neqtune based on Neptune's gravitational effect on the orbit of Uranus.


The orbits of most ________ are in the shape of long narrow ellipses.

asteroid belt

The __________ is located between Mars and Jupiter.


___________ usually come from comets or asteroids.


When a meteoroid enter Earth's atmosphere, it produces a streak of light called a __________.

Venus and Earth

________________ are much alike in terms of their size and density.

Saturn's rings

____________ are made up mostly of chunks of ice and rock.


___________ is different from most other planets because it rotates on its side.


____________ is the largest and most massive planet.

Ancient Astronomers

Most _________________ thought that all celestial objects revolved around Earth.

Nuclear fusion

______________ occurs in the core or center of the sun.


_________ was formerly consedered to be a planet but is now classified as a dwarf planet.


A comet's head consists of a nucleus and a fuzzy outer layer called the ______________.


A meteoroid that hits Earth's surface is called a ____________.


The sun's corona, which looks like a ________ can usually be seen only during a solar eclipse.

hydrogen and helium

The gas giants are composed mainly of ______________.

flowing water

Regions on the surface of mars have patterns that appear to have been made by _____________.

geocentric model

An Earth centered model of the universe is called a ____________.

carbon dioxide

Mar's atmosphere is mostly _______________.

great red spot

Jupiter's _____________ is a storm larger than Earth.


The middle layer of the sun's atmosphere is the ___________.

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