To Kill A Mockingbird

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indigenousbelonging to a particular region or countryentailmenta legal situation regarding the use of inherited propertysmilaxa bright green twinning vine, often used for holiday decorationsvexationssomething that causes annoyance or problemscootiea slang term for a head lusecontemptuoushaving the feeling that someone or something is beneath you; that it or they are worthlesscontentiousalways ready to argue or fightfractiousmean or crossdisapprobationdisapprovalauspiciousfavorablesuppernongssweet table grape, grown chiefly in the Southern U.S.arbitrateto judge or decide inmortifyingto cause to experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride; humiliategothiccrude or mysterioustacitan agreement or treaty that is this is one that has been silently agreed uponasininestupid; sillyramshackleloose or rickety; about to fall apartdesolatedeserted, devoid of inhabitantsascertainto discoverunfathomablesomething that can not be understoodaberrationsa moving away from something that is normalperpetratedcarried out; committed(her)morphoditean animal or plant that has both female and male reproductive organsadjacentnear or closeperplexitythe state of being puzzled; confused, or complicatedinordinatelytoo great or too manyingenoussimple; innocentanalogoussimilar; comparablewarycautious on your guard against somethingguilelessnessto have none of a craftiness in dealing with othertrousseauall the new clothes a bride brings to her marriageambrosiaa dessert made up of a mixture of fruits, nuts, and coconut(on) tenterhooksin a state of uneasiness, suspense, or anxietyobstreperousnoisy and unrulyinvectiveabusive terms, curses, insults, and/or cuss wordsvehementlyintensely, stronglyarticulateable ot speak and express oneselfpasseold fashionedmelancholysadness, depressionpremisea proposition from wich a conclusion is drawnumbrageoffenserectitudeuprightness of characterguffinsolent talk (talking back)interdictprohibition; restraintpalliationlessening of pain, fear, anxiety, of something without actually making it go awayreconnaissanceexaminationundulateto move in waves or in a wavy mannerpropensitiesinclinations or tendenciescantankerousdisagreeablealtercationa vehement quarrelhabilimentsoutfits; clothingrotogravure printa process of printing pictures; often photographs of pictures; commonly found in newspapersecclesiasticalrealting to a churchausterestern and severeperorogativeexclusive right or privilegeobliquelyindirectlyinfalliablenever wrongacquiesecenceagreement without protestsullengloomy; sulky; slowfutilityfeeling of being ineffective; uselessness; hopelessnessvenerabbleimpressive on account of age or historic associationsformidableimpressiveconnivancehaving knowledge and giving consent of an illegal act by anothercorroborating evidencehelps to strengthen a positionacrimonioussarcastic; bitter; nastyhaughtycondescendingly proudmollifiedsoothed; calmedex cathdra remarksmade with the authority that comes from one's official positionimpudentdisrespectful; bold; sassyunmitigatedout and out absolutetemerityfoolish or rash boldnessintegritycharacter or virtuecynicalmaking fun of someone elseferalwild; savagecredibilitythe power to illicit belieffurtivesneakywrylyhumerously; slightly sarcastichieroglyphiccharacteristic of ancient Egyptian wiriting; hard to read or decipheradamantunshakable; immovablesordidfoul, wretched, vileimpertinencedisrespectbovinecow-likemartyredput to death for adhering to a belief; to torturepersecutedharass; afflict; injurenotorietyfamestealthilysecretly, slylypurloinedsteal, thieveirascibleangrypinionedconfined; held downstaccatodistinct; sharp and crispgarishlygaudily; flashilystolidlywithout revealing emotionapprehensiveanxious, uneasy