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What are four sources of water in the field?
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A Water bull hold how much water?400 gallonsWhat are 4 methods of cleaning water?Iodine Tablets Chlorine Bleach Micropur BoilingHow many iodine tablets do you use per quart?2 tablets per 1 quart (32 ounces)How many tincture of iodine would you use for 1 quart of water?- 10 drops - 5 drops = 1 Iodine tablet - you need 2 tablets for 1 quart.How many drops of bleach do you use for 1 quart of water?2 dropsHow many Micropur tablets do you per 1 quart?1When do you use the boiling method and for how long?Emergencies only and 5 minutes of vigorous boiling.How often do you perform water and bacterial testing?Daily WeeklyThe PPM of water in the field should be between what?2.0 - 5.0 PPMOf the four sources of water, which is best suited for individual use?Surface WaterWhat are the drawbacks to using boiling as a method of decontamination?This method does not provide for residual disinfectant capabilities and should not be used to store large quantities of water.What is the total time needed to disinfect one standard canteen of water using Micropur tablets?35 minutes 5 after shaking 30 afterWhat is Human Waster?Black water, urine, feces, Blood, Body fluidsWhat is Liquid Waste?Grey Water, bathing or liquid waste from kitchen operation.What is garbage?non-liquid organic materials resulting from food service operationsWhat is rubbish?non-organic materials such as boxes, cans, paper, or plastics.Latrines should be built how far from? Berthing Food Water50 feet 100 yards 100 feetCat holes are what dimensions and used for what?12 by 12 and used when on the move or short staysStraddle trenches are what dimension and used for what?1ft wide, 2 ½ ft deep, 4ft long 1-3 daysHow many straddle trenches are needed for 100 people?4Describe a burn barrel latrine?8 seats required for 100 people. - Encourage personnel to use other devices for urination since additional fuel is needed to burn urine and feces. - Enclosed building constructed of plywood or other suitable material - Contains 2 or 4 seats over 55 gallon drums cut in half - Prime each drum with 3 inches of diesel fuel - Burn out when drums are 1/2 to 2/3 full - 4 parts diesel to 1 part gasoline until contents are covered - Bury ashes at a depth of 12"What a wag bag?Go anywhere toilet!Whats the dimensions of a urine soakage pit and how many people can one pole fit?4 by 4 20 peopleTwo types of liquid waste disposale?Soakage pit Evaporation bed (hot, dry, climates)Garbage pits are what dimensions and are for how many people?4 by 4 for 100 peopleGarbage trench are what dimensions?2 by 4 but can be extendedGive three requirements when using incinerators.Garbage cannot be brought to a disposal site. 50 yards downwind. Over a week stay.Three types of low silhouette movements?High Crawl Low Crawl BackWhat crawl permits faster movement and still allows for a low silhouette.High CrawlWhat crawl allows you to move under wire obstacles that the enemy sets upBack CrawlsWhat crawl gives you the lowest silhouette?Low CrawlIndividual crawls last in bursts of how long and whats the saying?3-5 seconds Im up, he see's me, im downWhats a Fire and Movement?Is individuals, fire teams and squads providing cover fire while other individuals, fire teams or squads advance toward the enemyWhats a Fire and Maneuver?elements of a unit establish a support by fire position to engage the enemy, while another element maneuvers to an advantageous position from which to close with and destroy, or capture the enemy.Whats a Danger Areas?danger area is any place where one may be exposed to enemy observation or fireWhat do you always assume is at an obstacle or danger area?Always assume an obstacle or danger area is booby trappedWhats cover?Protection from the fire of enemy weapons. natural or man made.Whats concealment?Anything that can hide a person from enemy. does not protect you from enemy fire,Whats camouflage?Anything that keeps yourself, equipment, and position from looking like what they really are.SINCGARS stands for?Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio SystemWhat are two modes of the SINCGARS?Single Channel Mode Frequency Hopping ModeWhich mode reduces the enemy's capability to jam your traffic or to use direction-finding equipment to establish your location.Frequency HoppingFrequency Range of a SINCGARS?30-87.975 MHzWhat are the power ranges of the SINCGARS? LO, M, HI, PA(1) LO (low power) - 200 to 400 meters (2) M (medium power) - 400 meters to 5 kilometers (3) HI (high power) - 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers (4) PA (power amplifier) - 10 kilometers to 40 kilometers.What are the Components of a SINCGARS?- Receiver Transmitter - Handset - Manpack Antenna - Battery Box - Battery - Field PackThe Function switch on the Receiver Transmitter has what modes?SQ ON (squelch on) SQ OFF (squelch off) REM (remote) RXMT (retransmit) STBY (stand by) TST (test) LD (load) Z-FH (zero-FH) OFFWhen the radio is in the OFF position for more than five (5) what happens.Clears the memory5 modes in COMSEC Switch.PT (plain text) CT (cipher text) TD (time delay) RV (receive variable) Z (zero)How do you load a single channel frequency?(1) Place mode switch to SC (2) Place RF power switch to desired level (3) Place channel switch to MAN (4) Place COMSEC switch to CT (5) Place volume switch to desired level (6) Move FCTN switch to TST, complete test by following instructions on display window. When test is complete move FCTN switch to either STBY or SQ ON.How tight do you make the antenna?Hand tightWhat goes inside the battery box?The BatteryWhat is a patrol?Operations conducted to gather information or carry out destructive, harassing, or security mission.What are two types of patrols?Combat and ReconnaissanceWhat are types of combat patrols?R. Rapid destroy or capture A. Ambush the enemy C. Contact friendly/enemy forces E. Economy of force, seize and hold S. Security, detect/kill infiltratorsWhat are types of reconnaissance patrols?Area Recon Zone Recon Route ReconWhat does area recon contain?obtain detailed information concerning specific terrain or enemy activity within a specific location. without being detected.What does zone recon contain?obtain detailed information concerning all routes, obstacles, terrain, and enemy forces within a particular zone defined by specific boundaries.What does route recon contain?reconnaissance along specific lines of communications, such as a road, railway, or waterway, to provide information on route conditions and activities along the route. narrower in scope than the zone reconnaissance.Whats the organization or a patrol?Platoon Commander Patrol Units Special OrganizationElements of a combat patrol?Combat patrol elements -P HQ -Assault -Security -SupportElements of a Recon Patrol?-HQ -Recon -SupportComponents of a Fire Team.Team Leader Rifleman Automatic Rifleman Assistant Automatic riflemanAdvantage and disadvantages of a Fire Team column.(1) Advantages: (a) Permits fire and maneuver to the flanks (b) Permits rapid controlled movement (2) Disadvantages: (a) Vulnerable to fire from the front (b) The ability to fire to front is limitedAdvantage and disadvantages of a Fire Team wedge.(1) It is easily controlled (2) Provides all around security (3) Fire is adequate in all directions (4) It is flexible (1) Disadvantages: (1) It can not move as fast as a columnAdvantage and disadvantages Fire Team Skirmisher.(1) Advantages: (a) Permits maximum firepower to the front (b) Used when the location and strength of the enemy are known, during the assault, mopping up, and crossing short open areas. (2) Disadvantages: (a) It is extremely difficult to control (b) Movement is slow (c) The ability to fire to the flanks is limitedAdvantage and disadvantages of a Fire Team echelon.(1) Advantages: (a) Permits fire to the front and one flank (b) It is used mainly to protect exposed flanks (2) Disadvantages: (a) It is extremely difficult to control (b) Movement is slowAdvantage and disadvantages of a Squad column.(1) Advantages: (a) Permits rapid and easily controlled movement (b) Permits fire and maneuver to the flanks (same as fire team) (2) Disadvantages: (a) Vulnerable to fire from the front (b) The ability to fire to the front is limitedAdvantage and disadvantages of a Squad Line.(1) Advantages: (a) Maximum firepower is concentrated to the front (2) Disadvantages (a) The ability to return fire to the flanks is limited (b) Movement is slowAdvantage and disadvantages of a Squad Echelon.(1) Advantages: (a) It is used mainly to protect exposed flanks (b) Provides heavy firepower to the front and in the direction of echelon (2) Disadvantages: (a) Difficult to control (b) Movement is slowAdvantage and disadvantages of a Squad Wedge.(a) It is easily controlled (b) Provides all around security (c) It is flexible (d) Fires adequately in all directions. (Same as fire team) (2) Disadvantages: (a) It cannot move as fast as a column. (Same as fire team)Advantage and disadvantages of a Squad Vee.(1) Advantages: (a) Facilitates movement into squad line (b) Provides excellent firepower to the front and to the flank (c) Used when the enemy is to the front and his strength and location are known. May be used when crossing large open areas. (2) Disadvantages (a) It cannot move as fast as a columnThree types of special signals.Whistle Pyrotechnics Hand and Arm SignalsWhat acronym is used for a Five Paragraph Order?S. Situation M. Mission E. Execution A. Administrative and Logistics C. Command and SignalsS in SMEACsituation, status and disposition of friendly and enemy foces.M in SMEACmission, What the unit must accomplish.E in SMEACexecution, the how to informationA in SMEACAdministration and Logistics, Rations, ammo, aid station, corpsman, etc.C in SMEACCommand and Signal, Chain of command during ops and location, signal for call signs, locations, challenge passwords, etc.Whats a warning order?Gives advance notice of an order. Allows for preparation.Whats the minimum needed items in a warning order?=Situation =Mission =General instructions (Tasks, gear list, ammo, chain of command, etc.) =Special InstructionsWhats a Fragmentation order?Time precludes the issuance of an order.Elements of a Fragmentation order.Mission ExecutionIf your looking at a screen and you see a formation inside an arrow, what might that be?WedgeIf your looking at a screen and you see a formation inside a rectangle at an angle, what might that be?EchelonA symbol that looks like a ghostbuster sign (Zero with line through it) might be a representation of who?Squad LeaderWhats the most common signal used?Hand and arm signalWhat are the six leadership steps?B. begin planning A. arrange for recon and coordinating M. make recon C. complete plan I. issue orders S. superviseThree purposes of a five paragraph order?Issue a order that is clean and concise specific instructions put plan into actionFor S. in SMEAC, what three things fall into it?Enemy Forces Friendly Forces Supporting AttachmentsHow do we assess enemy forces activity?SALUTE S. size A. activity L. location U. unit T. time E. equipmentHow do we assess enemy forces capabilities?DRAW-D D. defend R. reinforce A. attack W. withdraw D. delayWhat are we looking for when assessing friendly forces?Higher unit adjacent unit supportive unitWhen looking at M. in SMEAC, what are we doing/asking?Who What When Why WhereWhat acronym do we use for administrative and logistics?Beans Bullets Band-aids Bad GuysWhats an IED?improvised explosive device, devices placed or fabricated in an improvised manner incorporating destructive, lethal, noxious, pyrotechnic, or incendiary chemicals and designed to destroy, incapacitate, harass, or distract.What are three components of an IED?casing, initiating system, and main charge. Others are Time, Victim, and command.What are usually found in High Explosive IED's?ball bearings, bolts, nuts, or nails can be used to enhance the fragmentationWhat is the most common type of Main Charge in a IED?High ExplosiveWhat are primary IED indicators? (13)(1) Unusual behavior patterns or changes in community patterns (2) Vehicles following a convoy for a long distance and then pulling to the roadside. (3) Personnel on overpasses. (4) Signals from vehicles or bystanders (5) People videotaping ordinary activities or military actions. (6) Suspicious objects. (7) Metallic objects (8) Markers by the side of the road (9) New or out of place objects in an environment (10) Graffiti symbols or writing on buildings. (11) Signs that are newly erected or seem out of place. (12) Exposed antennas, detonating cord, wires, or ordnance. (13) Wires laid in plain site may be part of an IED or designed to draw friendly force attention before detonation of the real IED.Where can you find IED's usually located? (13)(1) Previous IED sites. (2) Frequently traveled or predictable routes,= (3) Boundary turnaround points (pattern). (4) Medians, by the roadside (5) Trees, light posts, signs, overpasses, and bridge spans that are elevated. 6) Unattended vehicles, carts, or motorcycles (7) Hidden inside guardrails or under any type of material or packaging. (8) Potential incident control points (ICPs). (9) Abandoned buildings or structures (10) Hidden behind cinder blocks, or piles of sand (11) Animal carcasses and deceased human bodies. (12) Fake bodies or scarecrows in coalition uniforms. (13) At the edge of town.What IED is most successful?Vehicle Borne IED/Suicide VBIEDWhat are three indicators of a Vehicle Borne IED/Suicide VBIED?Driver Vehicle SituationWhat are some driver indicators of a VBIED?(a) A lone male driver (b) Ignoring orders to stop (c) Unusual appearance. (d) Age in mid-twenties. e) Driving erratically; driving too slow or too fast. (f) Wearing inappropriate dress for the environment.What are some vehiclke(a) Noticeable sagging of the vehicle. (b) An additional antenna for radio-controlled devices. (c) Darkened or covered windows (d) Recent painting of vehicle to cover body alterations. (e) Crudely covered holes. (f) New welding marks. (g) No license plates. (h) Escorted by unusual security detail (i) New tires on an old vehicle. (j) Anything unusual in factory-build compartments. (k) New or shiny bolts and/or screws. (l) Unusual scratches (m) Signs of tampering, (n) Areas and components cleaner or dirtier than surrounding areas. (o) Wire and tape stored in the vehicle.What are some situation indicators of a VBIED?(a) Camera crew in the area. (b) Observing the same vehicle more than once. (c) Absence of normal routine for that Area of Operation (AO). (d) Odd traffic patterns. (e) Person(s) observed conducting reconnaissance. (f) Vehicle testing local defensesWhat are employment techniques of an IED?Disguised IED's Thrown or projected IED's Hoax IED's Basic IED Attack "Broken-down" Vehicle Attack Coordinated Attack Ramming Convoys MotorcyclesWhat actions do you perform during a halt (IED)?5 and 25 meter checks.What are the five C's you perform when you find a IED?Confirm Clear Call/Check Cordon ControlWhat are the 4 dont's when checking a IED?Dont approach it Do not pick up det cord Do not trace wire Do not focus on a IEDWhat are daylight signaling procedures?Signs Bull Horn Colored flags pop up flares warning shots disabling shots lethal shotsWhat are nightime signaling procedures?Spotlight pop-up flares warning shots disabling shots lethal shotsWhat are PBIED indicators?Ignore orders to stop Wearing to much cloths Suspicious bulges individual handling wiresWhats the purpose of a Map?the purpose of a map is to provide information on the existence, the location, and the distance between ground features.Why must maps be protected?Contains: Friendly positions Friendly supply pointsWhat are three norths?true, grid, magneticWhats true north?Line from any posistion connecting to the north pole.What is magnetic north?The direction to the north magnetic pole. Hudson bay.What is grid north?The north that is established by using the vertical grid lines on the map.How do you convert the magnetic azimuth to grid azimuth.Add the GM angle (8).What does black indicate on a map?Man-made featuresWhat does red indicate on a map?Main roads, built up areas, dangerous areas, specific featuresWhat does blue indicate on a map?Water featuresWhat does green indicate on a map?VegetationWhat does red brown indicate on a map?Landforms such as contours, fills and cutsClose contour lines indicate what?Steep terrainA valley will look like what on a map?"U"A draw will look like what on a map?"V"What is straight line distance?Distance between two points.How do you measure a pace count?in 100 meter increments. count your every other pace to determine your pace count for 100 meters.a four digit grid square will get you how close to a posistion?1000 metersa six digit grid square will get you how close to a posistion?100 metersa eight digit grid square will get you how close to a posistion?10 metersWhen reading a map, which way do you read it?Right and UpWhat are two methods of holding a compass?Compass-to-cheek method Center-Hold posistionA click on the compass represents how many degrees?3different methods of measuring distance on a map?Straight line distance Curved line distanceWhat water source should be used as a last resort?Rain waterWhat is the best source of water?Salt WaterWhat is found in a IFAK (as it pertains to water purification)?2 Micropur tabletsWhat are the types of waste?Human Waste Liquid Waste Garbage RubbishHow far must berthing be from a latrine?50 feetHow far must chow halls be from a latrine?100 yardsHow far must water be from a latrine?100 feetWhat is the most common form of human waste disposal?Burn barrelsA sokage pit can accommodate how many people?200Where does rubbish go while in the field?Garbage pitWhat is the ranges for the SINCGARS radio?200 meters 5 kilometres 10 kilometres 40 kilometresWhat is the most common item found in a radio configuration?Radio TransmitterKnow the phonetic alphabetLook it upWhat is a alternative to switching your radio to off?StandbyHow can you differentiate the number of personal within a squad formation and fireteam formation?Squad - 3 fireteams Fireteam - 1 fireteamWhat does a protractor measure?Grid AzimuthsIs undisturbed dirt a primary indicator of an IED?NoWhen conducting a patrol, what is the most important thing to keep in mind?Be un-predictableWhat is the definition of rules of engagement?directives issued by a competent military authority which delineate the circumstances and limitations under which the United States forces will initiate and/or continue to conduct engagements with other forces.Medical falls into what category of SMEAC?A