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  1. Tartly
  2. Come by
  3. Stomach
  4. Term
  5. Base
  1. a Appetite
  2. b sour
  3. c Call
  4. d acquire
  5. e unworthy, despicable

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  1. Impede, block
  2. Excessive love
  3. reveals, shows
  4. Professional fool, who makes his living by entertaining his aristocratic patron
  5. Sharp-tongued woman; monstrous mythological creature with the face and breasts of a woman and the wings and talons of a bird

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  1. Cozenedacquire


  2. TaborSmall drum, used with a tabor-pipe to accompany dancing


  3. Noteunworthy, despicable


  4. Stalk onpursue our prey stealthily


  5. My lady's eldest sona pampered boy


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