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  1. Geneva Conference
  2. Walesa
  3. Lebensraum
  4. Glasnost
  5. Goebbles
  1. a Minister of Propaganda in Germany, used videos of Germany invading other countries to inspire Germans and make them fearful of Allied occupation, disguised German losses
  2. b -Polish dock worker, formed union called solidarity, alowed for short time by Soviet Union
    -became political partym supported by pope, worked towards Polish independance, elected first president
    -didn't have power or skills, military group takes over
  3. c disarmament conference, worked out limitations of land armaments, no final agreement made
  4. d policy of openness, allowed freedom of speech in reguards to government in Soviet Union to find problems within the system
  5. e "living space", Hitler wanted to defeat Russia and conwuer Ukraine to expand Germany's boarders

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  1. Strategic Armaments Limitations Treaty, between U.S. and Soviet Union, limited number of intercontinental missels
  2. -Stalin, FDR, Churchill
    -big 3 meet for first time, Soviet Union wants political boarders against western invasion, satelite states, Stalin asks for Allies to open European front
  3. economic changes, inspired by Lenin's NEP, some capitalist reform
  4. -Soviets don't allow for free elections in eastern Europe,
    -Truman now U.S. president, Attlee new prime minister of Great Britain
    -found lack of free elections unacceptable
    -agreement to divide Germany into four occupational zones under U.S., Great Britain, France, and Soviet Union
    -Stalin promises to cooperate with U.S. in Pacific
  5. -June 6, 1944 - American, British, and Canadian troops landed in force in Normandy, opened second front
    -Eisenhower commander of Allied armyampibeous assult vulnerable

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  1. StalinStrategic Armaments Limitations Treaty, between U.S. and Soviet Union, limited number of intercontinental missels


  2. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)-Hitler's military conscription exceeds limits for standing army set by Versailles Treaty, Luftwaffe created
    -League of Nations condemns actions but takes no action to prevent them, Britain allowes Germany to have a navy less than 35% the size of the British navy


  3. Ethiopia-Ethopians defeated Italians at their first invasion attempts in 1890, Mussolini claimes he attacked Ethiopia eor this reason
    -Ethiopia turns to League of Nations, League condemns Italy for its actions and places embargos, did not place an embargo on oil
    -Mussolini conqueres Ethiopia by the end of 1936


  4. Munich Conference-Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain, Laudet (France)
    -Hitler threatened to go to war if he Germany didn't recieve Czechoslovakia, Czechs didn't want to, British and French followed appeasment
    -confirmation of Czechoslovakia under Germany
    -Great Britain and France promise that they will intervene if Hitlar moves against Poland


  5. Detanteloosening of tensions, both U.S. and Soviet Union nuclear powers and should address each other as such
    -Nixon recognizes communist China


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