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  1. Perestroika
  2. Truman Doctrine
  3. Battle of Stalingrad
  4. Breshnev
  5. Operation Torch
  1. a -Allied forces under Eisenhower pushed East from French North Africa, British under Montgomery drove west, crushed German forces between them
    -took Sicily July and August, Mussolini driven from power, Germans occupied Italy
  2. b -Hitler determined to take city, Stalin determined to hold it
    -battle waged for months, Russians had very high casualties but prevailed in end
    -turning point of Russian campaign, able to gain and keep offensive, pushed west
  3. c U.S. government sends money to Turkey and Greece to fight off communist coups, supports democracies, Truman promises U.S. help in preventing communism
  4. d economic changes, inspired by Lenin's NEP, some capitalist reform
  5. e -draws harder line for communism, Stalin communism without purges
    -foreign policy over eastern block remains the same
    -Prague - Czechoslovakia, moves towards democratic reform, Warsaw Pact armies move into Prague, leaders of revolt executed
    -East GErmany used for resources, reunification hurt German economy
    -he had similar points of view with Nixon, foreign policy based on strength
    -Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan

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  1. stated that Soviet Union would intervene where communism is threatened
  2. Russians advanced foreward in East, Allies insisted unconditional surrender, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker, Russians occupied Berlin by agreement with Allies
  3. -members of United Nations - Great Britain, U.S., France, Chia, and Soviet Union
    -largely powerless, Stalin sees NATO as subversion of UN
  4. Churchill and FDR start formulating plan for allied victory, based on Wilsonian principles
  5. -Polish dock worker, formed union called solidarity, alowed for short time by Soviet Union
    -became political partym supported by pope, worked towards Polish independance, elected first president
    -didn't have power or skills, military group takes over

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  1. Free French"living space", Hitler wanted to defeat Russia and conwuer Ukraine to expand Germany's boarders


  2. Lebensraum"living space", Hitler wanted to defeat Russia and conwuer Ukraine to expand Germany's boarders


  3. Luftwaffeloosening of tensions, both U.S. and Soviet Union nuclear powers and should address each other as such
    -Nixon recognizes communist China


  4. Postdam Conferencedisarmament conference, limited other parts of the Navy besides battle ships


  5. Gorbachev-given permission by Soviet party to make very small changes to Soviet Union to help economy
    -Glasnost, Perestroika
    -moved to dismantle Red ARmy, announces to eastern block nations that they will recieve no support from the Soviet Union and that they can chose their own government
    -Democratization - allows for political parties other than communists, communist canidates unseated at local level, new parliamentary government
    -August coup failed, Soviet Union transitioned to democracy