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  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Goebbles
  3. Luftwaffe
  4. Capture of Berlin
  5. Glasnost
  1. a Russians advanced foreward in East, Allies insisted unconditional surrender, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker, Russians occupied Berlin by agreement with Allies
  2. b prime minister of Great Britain during WWII, early critic of Hitler, the Nazis, and appeasment, established close relationship with American president FDR
  3. c Minister of Propaganda in Germany, used videos of Germany invading other countries to inspire Germans and make them fearful of Allied occupation, disguised German losses
  4. d German air forces
  5. e policy of openness, allowed freedom of speech in reguards to government in Soviet Union to find problems within the system

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  1. code name for German invasion of Russia, delayed due to Mussolini
    -Italy invades Greece from Albania, British assist Greeks, Germans had to come in and bail Italians out, Mussolini also attackedBritish in Egypt
    -Operation launched June 22, 1941, Germany reached Leningrad by November, Hitler diverted part of his forces south to drive towards oil feilds
    -winter devastated German troops, Russian counterattack
  2. Strategic Armaments Limitations Treaty, between U.S. and Soviet Union, limited number of intercontinental missels
  3. -after WWII - continues centralization of party
    -Soviets created nuclear technology, denied it to China
    -Iron Curtain - communist republics of Eastern Europe, Stalin sees it as securing Soviet boarders
  4. -British began naval blockade of Germany
    -Luftwaffe attacked southern British airfields, switched targets to London, bombed every night for two months, extensive damage, 15,000 killed
    -united British against the Germans
    -RAF inflicted heavy losses on Luftewaffe, Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes, newly developed radar system
  5. -total war economy, all political parties cooperated under coalition government
    -propaganda - BBC
    -massive recycling programs
    -increased production, near zero unemployment, more disposable income, raised taxes, few commercial goods, increased in price
    -encouraged davings
    -sent children into countryside during German bombings, health conditions improved
    -food scarce for civilians, transportation for war goods, maximum farm production

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  1. Operation Torch-Allied forces under Eisenhower pushed East from French North Africa, British under Montgomery drove west, crushed German forces between them
    -took Sicily July and August, Mussolini driven from power, Germans occupied Italy


  2. German Soviet Nonagression Pact-Hitler's military conscription exceeds limits for standing army set by Versailles Treaty, Luftwaffe created
    -League of Nations condemns actions but takes no action to prevent them, Britain allowes Germany to have a navy less than 35% the size of the British navy


  3. Lebensraum-Polish dock worker, formed union called solidarity, alowed for short time by Soviet Union
    -became political partym supported by pope, worked towards Polish independance, elected first president
    -didn't have power or skills, military group takes over


  4. London Conferencedisarmament conference, limited other parts of the Navy besides battle ships


  5. Battle of the Bulge-Hitler determined to take city, Stalin determined to hold it
    -battle waged for months, Russians had very high casualties but prevailed in end
    -turning point of Russian campaign, able to gain and keep offensive, pushed west