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  1. Sudentenland
  2. Operation Barbarossa
  3. Lebensraum
  4. Gorbachev
  5. Capture of Berlin
  1. a Russians advanced foreward in East, Allies insisted unconditional surrender, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker, Russians occupied Berlin by agreement with Allies
  2. b code name for German invasion of Russia, delayed due to Mussolini
    -Italy invades Greece from Albania, British assist Greeks, Germans had to come in and bail Italians out, Mussolini also attackedBritish in Egypt
    -Operation launched June 22, 1941, Germany reached Leningrad by November, Hitler diverted part of his forces south to drive towards oil feilds
    -winter devastated German troops, Russian counterattack
  3. c -territory within Czechoslovakia, had German majority of citizens, Nazis used propaganda to influence them
    -Nazis call for self determination in Sudentenland, Czechs refuse
  4. d "living space", Hitler wanted to defeat Russia and conwuer Ukraine to expand Germany's boarders
  5. e -given permission by Soviet party to make very small changes to Soviet Union to help economy
    -Glasnost, Perestroika
    -moved to dismantle Red ARmy, announces to eastern block nations that they will recieve no support from the Soviet Union and that they can chose their own government
    -Democratization - allows for political parties other than communists, communist canidates unseated at local level, new parliamentary government
    -August coup failed, Soviet Union transitioned to democracy

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  1. -draws harder line for communism, Stalin communism without purges
    -foreign policy over eastern block remains the same
    -Prague - Czechoslovakia, moves towards democratic reform, Warsaw Pact armies move into Prague, leaders of revolt executed
    -East GErmany used for resources, reunification hurt German economy
    -he had similar points of view with Nixon, foreign policy based on strength
    -Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan
  2. Hitler moves to remilitarize Rhineland, French forces allow it to happen because intervention would further isolate Great Britain as an ally
  3. -Berlin lies within east Germany, west Germany unified
    -Stalin blockaded west Berlin, Americans use air lift to get supplies to west Berlin, lasts for one year
  4. led by Charles de Gaulle, French resistance during German occupation, based in London, worked with allies when planning d-day invasion
  5. disarmament conference, worked out limitations of land armaments, no final agreement made

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  1. Battle of the BulgeGermany's last offense, counterattack in Belgium, pushed Allied line but didn't break it


  2. Kurt Schuschnigg-first attempted Austrian coup, Mussolini moved his army to the Austrian boarder
    -Hitler sends his army into Austria, Mussolini doesn't object, Germany and Austria united


  3. DanzigHitler moves against Poland, makes deal with Soviet Union


  4. Royal Air Force (RAF)British air forces


  5. Berchtesgaden-Chamberlain and Hitler meet, Hitler clearly willing to go to war for Czechoslovakia
    -Britain asks France to break alliance with Czechoslovakia
    - Czechs forced to give up Sudentenland