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  1. Perestroika
  2. Viche Government
  3. Yelsin
  4. Lebensraum
  5. WWII Russia
  1. a -forst president of Russia
    -shock therapy - quick translation from communism to capitalist economy and democracy, factors not in place, weak economy
  2. b "living space", Hitler wanted to defeat Russia and conwuer Ukraine to expand Germany's boarders
  3. c -government of France during German occupation, led by Petain, "cooperation for freedom" with Germany, puppet state
    -no military economy
    -Catholic Church given power over marriage and divorce, control over education, subsidized bigger families
    -France anti-semetic before occupation, removed Jews from professions
    -French navy decomissioned
  4. d economic changes, inspired by Lenin's NEP, some capitalist reform
  5. e -lost the most in factories and transportation, 16 million people killed
    -everything controlled centrally from federal government
    -radios taken away, government distrusful of its people, wanted to isoate information, information broadcasted through loudspeakers
    -made amends with Orthodox church, hoped to gain conservative support
    -Kremlin - built in Moscow, government office buildings

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  1. -draws harder line for communism, Stalin communism without purges
    -foreign policy over eastern block remains the same
    -Prague - Czechoslovakia, moves towards democratic reform, Warsaw Pact armies move into Prague, leaders of revolt executed
    -East GErmany used for resources, reunification hurt German economy
    -he had similar points of view with Nixon, foreign policy based on strength
    -Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan
  2. ethnic Serb in Yugoslavia, preformed 'ethnic clensing', wanted to exterminate Muslims inside Serbia, arrested
    -Yugoslavia divided into seven new states based on nationalities
  3. -Austrian prime minister, refused to be intimidated by Hitler, held plebiscite, forstalled by Hitler
  4. Sovirt Union builds nuclear installation inside Cuba, U.S. saw this as threat, Soviets pulled missels back with threat of war
  5. Germany's last offense, counterattack in Belgium, pushed Allied line but didn't break it

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  1. GlasnostHitler moves against Poland, makes deal with Soviet Union


  2. Breshnev DoctrineU.S. government sends money to Turkey and Greece to fight off communist coups, supports democracies, Truman promises U.S. help in preventing communism


  3. Washington Conferencedisarmament conference, limited other parts of the Navy besides battle ships


  4. Blitzkrieg"lightning warfare", employed fast-moving, massed armored columns supported by airpower


  5. Battle for Britain-British began naval blockade of Germany
    -Luftwaffe attacked southern British airfields, switched targets to London, bombed every night for two months, extensive damage, 15,000 killed
    -united British against the Germans
    -RAF inflicted heavy losses on Luftewaffe, Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes, newly developed radar system