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  1. Khrushchev
  2. Hungarian Revolution of 1956
  3. Detante
  4. Battle of Stalingrad
  5. D-Day
  1. a loosening of tensions, both U.S. and Soviet Union nuclear powers and should address each other as such
    -Nixon recognizes communist China
  2. b -led by Nagi - soviet leader who wanted to institute democratic principles inside Hungary, Allies do not assist attempt
    -Red Army puts down revolt, leaers of revolt publically executed
  3. c -starts process of de-Stalinization, goal to create kinder communist state, continues brutality over Eastern Europe
  4. d -June 6, 1944 - American, British, and Canadian troops landed in force in Normandy, opened second front
    -Eisenhower commander of Allied armyampibeous assult vulnerable
  5. e -Hitler determined to take city, Stalin determined to hold it
    -battle waged for months, Russians had very high casualties but prevailed in end
    -turning point of Russian campaign, able to gain and keep offensive, pushed west

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  1. -Stalin, FDR, Churchill
    -big 3 meet for first time, Soviet Union wants political boarders against western invasion, satelite states, Stalin asks for Allies to open European front
  2. -members of United Nations - Great Britain, U.S., France, Chia, and Soviet Union
    -largely powerless, Stalin sees NATO as subversion of UN
  3. -Red Army first creates human wall around east Berlin, no Allied retaliation
    -Soviet Union begins building walls - 12 feet high, watch towers, attack dogs
    -5000 people cross wall, only 100 die
  4. -Ethopians defeated Italians at their first invasion attempts in 1890, Mussolini claimes he attacked Ethiopia eor this reason
    -Ethiopia turns to League of Nations, League condemns Italy for its actions and places embargos, did not place an embargo on oil
    -Mussolini conqueres Ethiopia by the end of 1936
  5. Sovirt Union builds nuclear installation inside Cuba, U.S. saw this as threat, Soviets pulled missels back with threat of war

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  1. Battle of the BulgeGermany's last offense, counterattack in Belgium, pushed Allied line but didn't break it


  2. Geneva Conferencedisarmament conference, worked out limitations of land armaments, no final agreement made


  3. Yalta Conference-Big 3, Soviet Union wants protectionism, FDR and Churchill support Wilsonian principles, FDR mediator, FDR and Churchill ask for free elections in eastern states
    -Soviet Union wants Germany to be dismembered, Chruchill against this, FDR mediator again, demilitarization of Germany


  4. German Rearnament-no military economy before attack on Russia, expected Blitzkrieg to be quick and effective
    -war with Russia created food an labor shortages, took food from conquered territories, allowed women in the workforce, brought Slavs from other nations to work


  5. LuftwaffeGerman air forces