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Chapter 17 Europe

Key players
Henry the navigator
Portugals first prince explored the african coast sought gold and slaves
Bartholemew dias
opened the portugese empire in the east when he rounded the cape of good hope at the tip of africa.
Vasco de gama
stood on the dhore of india and when he returned his cargo was worth 60 times what it was
unwittingly discovered america in 1492 for his map skills were based of marco polo.
Taino indians
greeted Columbus on the shore and was extremely nice to him.
Amerigo Vespucci
after whom america is named him and Ferdinand magellan carefully explored the coastline of South America. discovered it was a whole new continent.
trading block
these men helped build 3 years of huge trading blocks throughout Europe.
Martin Luther
well educated young man who made his own religion because he couldn't stay under the same standards of God. printed the 95 theses which started a riot. German form of the bible/ argueg scripture over faith/ threatened by peasents and jews and killed them off
Desiderious Erasmus
most famous northern humanist saw study of bible and classics as best path to reform made greek edition of New testament.
Sir thomas moore
best known english humanist and part of english ref. with the theory of the society Utopia
Fransisco Jimenez
printed a greek edition of the new testament put all languages into one bible once.
brought down the church one of the main things in Luthers 95 theses
Charles 1
helped repromand Luther.
Peace of Augs
made it so leaders could chose the religion of a certain place.
Ulrich Zwingli
opposed superstition and selling of indulgenses created his own protestan city
Phillip of hesse
sought to unite swiss and german protestants i n a defense pact
were zealous reformers and gained support eventually in Geneva
Charles v
attempted to enforce a compromise agreement btween protestants and catholics
Ignatious of Loyola
helped fuel the counter ref. with the society of jesus
Pope paul the third
help reform the church doctrine.
three powerful families competed for power the Guises- catholic and bourbon and montegary- protestant
Catherine de medicis
sought allies witht the protestants and gave them unlimited freedom. to cover up her role in the assasination of a prot. leader she said there was a coup of prots comin in and 20000 were killed
henry 3
tried to save france and ally the two places