Foundations of Government

consent of the governed
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English Bill of Rightsa government document that expanded the powers of the English Parliament and expanded the rights of the people, as well as further limited the rights of the king; written by the members of the English Parliament in 1689due processthe idea that people have the right to fair and reasonable laws, and that government leaders and officials have to follow rules when enforcing laws and treat all people in the same waylimited governmenta government that has been limited in power by a constitution, or written agreementlimited monarchya system of government in which the king or queen shares authority with an elected legislature and agrees to be bound by a constitution or a set of laws, also known as a constitutional monarchyMagna Cartaa government document that limited the power of the king of England and protected the rights of the nobility; written by the English nobles in 1215Mayflower Compactan agreement between individuals that created a government that would provide order and protect the rights of the colonists; written by a group of English Puritans in Massachusetts in 1620rightsa set of things that people believe they should be free to do without restrictionsrule of lawa concept that those who govern are bound by the laws; no one is above the lawself governmentpopular or representative system where the people create and run their own governmentThomas Painethe colonial journalist who wrote Common Sense in 1776dutya taxexportgoods sent to another countrygoodsmerchandise or objects for sale or tradeimportgoods brought into the countrylegislaturegoverning body responsible for making lawslevyto collect by legal authorityoppressionthe use of authority or power in a cruel or unjust mannerParliamentthe name of the English legislaturerepresentationa person or group acting on behalf of another person or grouptaxmoney levied by a government for specific facilities or servicestaxation without representationthe idea that it is unfair to tax someone without giving them a voice in governmentindividual rightsrights guaranteed or belonging to a personabolishto endassentto agreedepriveto take something awayderiveto takedespotisma system of government where the ruler has unlimited powerdissolveto bring to an endendowto be given something naturallygrievancea complaintimpelto urgeimposeto establish by using authority or powerinstituteto establishoppressionthe use of authority or power in a cruel or unjust mannerquarterto houserectitudethe quality or state of being correctself-evidentobvious, having no need of prooftyrannya government in which a single ruler possesses and abuses absolute powerunalienable rightsbasic rights of the people that may not be taken awayusurpationthe act of exercising power by force