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What does the Greek word proseuchamai mean?


T/F The Lord's Prayer embryonically contains
everything a Christian must know and every way that a Christian must pray.


Since a Christian has the righteousness of Christ,
what should he do daily?


In what way do some people equate God with a
cosmic Easter bunny?

...As if HE was hiding HIS Will from us like a Easter bunny hide eggs.

What is the simple assumption MacArthur begins
his book with?

...To assume that HIS will for our lives is in Scripture

What does MacArthur say is the crucial first step?


Who did Jesus say was his family (brother, sister, mother)?

...For Whosoever shall do the Will of God

What does MacArthur suggest that the doctrine of
salvation is unpopular?

...The recognition of sin

What does MacArthur say is the second step to
knowing God's will?

...You must Spirit filled

How does MacArthur compare us to a glove? comparing how the Spirit of God operates in Human Life

What does MacArthur say is the best way to find
out your spiritual gifts?

...Live a Spirit-filled Life

What is the significance of Jesus' promise to send
his followers allos (another) comforter?

...the Spirit is exactly like Christ so living the Spirit-filled life is nothing more than living in the conscious presence of the indwelling Christ.

What are four principles Paul taught concerning
practicing purity?

...1) Abstain from fornication
2) Control your body
3) Subdue your Passions
4) Treat others fairly

It is not great ____; it is not great ____ God uses;
it is great ____ to Jesus Christ.


We are not to suffer because we have failed to be
the right kind of young person, not because we are antagonistic, grumpy, grouchy, or out of whack somewhere, but we should suffer _____ ______ _____ ___ _______.

...For doing what is right

MacArthur summarizes Gods will by stating that it
is "God's will that you be ________, _______, _________, ____________ and ____________.

...Saved, Spirit-filled, Sanctified, Submissive, and Suffering

MacArthur states that if you are doing all five of
the basic things that scripture says is God's will you can do _________ ____ _____________.

...Whatever you want

List and explain MacArthur's five step Bible Study method.

1) Reading - Just by reading the Bible you become familiar with its themes, history, and contexts.
2) Interpreting - It is not enough to read the text and jump directly to the application- you must first determine what it means, otherwise the application may be incorrect.
3) Evaluating - Read Bible commentaries, and background books that will enrich your thinking.
4) Applying - You must let God's truth penetrate and change your life.
5) Correlating - By correlating and cross-referencing, you will begin to build a sound doctrinal foundation on which to live.

What are your thoughts on this excerpt?

I thought it was very informative and my Husband and I are actually going to start the MacArthur's steps on how to study the Bible

What does MacArthur feel about the belief that we
should guard against preachers whose emphasis is on interpreting Scripture rather than applying it. He thinks it is _____ _____.

not wise

According to MacArthur, "There is no danger of
____ ________; the real threat is an _______ attempt at ________."

irrelevant doctrine, undoctrinal, relevance

We don't make the ______ _______; it is
inherently so, simply because it is God's Word.

Bible relevant

What are your thoughts on this excerpt?

so many big words couldn't really understand much of it

What are the seven kinds of prayer that the article

1) Intercession for others
2) Worship for God
3) Agreement for communion
4) Petition for things
5) Confession for forgiveness
6) Salvation for Sinners
7) Faith for Miracles

What are seven conditions that hinder prayer?

1) Unconfessed sin
2) clearly revealed
3) wrong motive
4) Harboring idols
5) unforgiving spirit
6) Failure to respond to the needs of the poor
7) Domestic conflict

What are the 10 Questions that the Author
Suggests you should ask in order to make hard decisions easy?

1) Will it be Spiritually profitable?
2) Will it build me up?
3) Will it slow me down in the race?
4) Will it bring me into bondage?
5) Will it hypocritically cover my sin?
6) Will it violate the Lordship of Christ in my life?
7) Will it help other Christians by its example?
8) Will it lead others to Christ?
9) Will it be consistent with Christ likeness?
10) Will it Glorify God?

According to the Westminster Confession, what is

Any want of conformity unto....the law of God. Anything that does not conform to God's Word is Sin.

List the principles that guide the Christian in
discipling his life.

1) Christians must discipline themselves to do what God directs.
2) Christians must discipline themselves to refrain from doing what God says is wrong?
3) Christians must discipline themselves to obey their conscience.
4) Christians must discipline their thought life so they don't harbor impure thought.
5) Christians must discipline themselves to keep their body spiritually clean.
6) Christians must discipline their relationship to others so that the decisions of others will not cause them to stumble.
7) Christians must discipline themselves so they don't adversely influence others.

What are some of the main motivators for a
Christian to discipline their life?

Love for God and they've been hurt from sin and don't want to get burned again

What shouldn't be a motivator for discipline?


Why is legalism bad?

Because it's simply behavior modification. Keeping a rule for the sake of keeping it.

How does the author define "character?"

Habitually doing the right thing in the right way.

Where a ¬¬¬_______ results in inner power to do
good, results in your habits that make you do good.

Spirituality, Character

Belief is more than a decision to accept Christ. It
is the __________ that something is true.


You can't determine your ________, but when you
have the right _______ you get the best out of circumstances and rise above your circumstances.

Circumstances, attitude

A person with character is able to _____ ___ _
______ long after the _____ is gone that motivated choice

carry out a decision, emotion

What do you think was the most helpful portion of
this article? Why?

the breakdown of the underline words because it helped you understand them better

Do you think you will change anything in your
approach to life based on this article? Why or why not?

Yes because once you have been faced with the truth, you can't continue to live in a lie

Did you agree with the article? Why or why not?

Yes I did because it was compared with the Word of God and referenced with the Word.

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