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Destiny Knowledge

This is to test your knowledge on Destiny's circulation system and Web Path Express.
How many books about reconstruction does SES have?
How many websites appear for reconstruction on Web Path Express?
Write the title of a book that Sampit has about explorers.
Give the title and the author of a book about weather that we have at SES.
How many pages does the book Elements, Compounds and Mixtures have?
Do you think Web Path Express would be good for finding information on mixtures and solutions? Why?
What is the call number of the book Native Americans : an inside look at the tribes and traditions?
Tell the address (or url) of one website about westward expansion.
example: http://www.americaslibrary.gov
Give a different one___________________________
Who were Lewis and Clark? Tell where you found the information.
Where did you find this? __________________________________________________
Who wrote the book Fair Weather? Is it fiction or nonfiction?
Fiction or Nonfiction?__________________________