13 terms

emotional and social development in early adulthood

biological aging
physiological changes and cognitive shifts
social aging
gain/relinquishment of roles, i.e. student, voter, parent
age norm
what is appropriate in a culture at a certain age
emerging adulthood
transition to adult roles, extending from late teens to mid twenties
intimacy vs. isolation
young person's thoughts and feelings about making a permanent commitment to an intimate partner
life structure
underlying design of a person's life, consisting of relationships with significant others- individuals, groups, and institutions
social clock
age-graded expectations for major life events, such as beginning first job, getting married, birth of first child, buying home, retiring
triangular theory of love
intimacy, passion, and commitment- shift in emphasis as romantic relationships develop
passionate love
intense sexual attraction
companionate love
warm, trusting affection and caregiving
unhappiness resulting from a gap between social relationships we currently have and those we desire
traditional marriages
involving a clear division of husbands and wife's roles, man is head of household; woman devotes herself to caring for husband and children
egalitarian marriages
partners relate as equals, sharing power and authority