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Spleen Functions

Governs transformation and transportation controls asending of qi controls blood controls muscles and 4 limbs opens into the mouth manifests in the lips controls saliva contraols the raising of qi houses the intellect affected by pensiveness
Spleen Qi deficiency
no appetite, abdominal distention after eating, tiredness, lassitude, sallow complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools. W/dampness: nasusea, stuffiness of chest, and epigastrium and feeling of heaviness. Tongue: pale or normal chronic will have swollen sometimes with transversal cracks. pulse: empty
Spleen yang deficiency
lack of appetite, abnormal distension after eating, tiredness, sallow or bright white complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools, edema, chilliness, cold limbs. tongue: pale, swollen, wet. Pulse: weak, slow, deep
Spleen qi sinking
spleen qi deficiency signs PLUS bearing down sensation in the abdomen, prolapse of stomach, uterus, anus, vagina, frequency and urgency of urination. Tongue: pale pulse: empty, or weak
Spleen not controlling the blood
spleen qi deficiency signs PLUS purpurura, blood spots under the skin, blood in urine, or stools, menorrhagia or metrorragia, sallow complexion and SOB. tongue: pale Pulse:fine
Cod-dampness invading the spleen
No appetite, stuffiness of the chest and epigastrium which improves with the application of warmth, feeling of heaviness of the head, sweetish taste or absence of taste, no thirst, loose think stools, white vaginal discharge, lassitude and feeling of heaviness. Tongue: sticky thick white t.c. Pulse: slippery, slow
Damp heat invading the spleen
stuffiness of the epigastrium, and lower abdomen, no appetite, feeling of heaviness, thirst without desire to drink or with desire to drink in small sips, nausea, vomitting, abdominal pain, loose stools with offenseive odor, burning sensation of the anus, scanty dark yellow urination, .ow grade fever, headach. tongue: sticky yellow t.c. pulse: slippery rapid
Spleen and heart blood deficiency
insomnia, sallow complexion, fatigue, palpitations, poor memory, dream disturbed sleep, reduced appetite, irregular menstruation, loose stools. TongueL pale with think white t.c. pulse:thin
Spleen and lung qi deficiency
no appetite, tiredness, loose stools, weak voice, sligh SOB, bright white complexion, slight spontaneous sweating. Tongue: pale. pulse: empty, espec on right side. (Always go together)