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ELI Reading 6 - Multiple Intelligences and Emotional Intelligence


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natural, with you when you are born, part of your genetic inheritance, either physical or mental

(Linda has an ______ talent for music and started playing the piano when she was 3 years old.)
to cause or create an effect, to bring out an emotion or reaction in people

(Horror movies ______ real fear and distress in young children.)
environment, place, situation

(Carlos speaks either Spanish or English, depending on the social ______.)
to notice something (usually something complex or hard to see), to understand a thing or person well

(Nina smiled but I could ______ a bit of sadness in her face.)
to move yourself or a vehicle skillfully, to move or use a tool with care or skill

(My dad tried to ______ his big truck into a small parking spot.)
to find the way to your destination, to guide a boat or airplane

(The sailors tried to ______ from California to Hawaii by using a map and compass.)
a collection of a person's work, a large sample of the things an artist or student has done

(The teacher told us to keep our homework and tests in a ______.)
personality, character, the way a person usually feels or acts

(That old man has a nasty ______. He's always snarling and complaining about people.)
pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment of a need or desire

(The food looked delicious but we delayed the ______ of our hunger to finish our work.)
tap into
[informal] to use or take X for a particular purpose, to draw upon or access a resource [literal: to put a small pipe into a barrel of water, wine, beer, etc., so you can get the liquid out]

(Jeff should ______ his large network of friends to try to find a new job.)