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ELI Reading 6 - School is Bad for Children


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able to accomplish tasks in different ways, good at solving problems with the things around you

(Jen was very ______ at entertaining children. She had them make art out of paper plates and glue.)
count for
to be important, to have significant value

(Everyone in this company admires Betty, and her opinions ______ a lot around here.)
pry out of
to get something forcefully, to take information or an item from a person who doesn't want to give it to you

(The police questioned the thief for 3 hours to ______ the details of the crime ______ him.)
not caring about something, uninterested

(Jimmy likes math and science but he hates art and he's ______ toward history.)
insignificant, not worth knowing or caring about

(My problems are ______ compared to Roger's; he's seriously ill and unemployed.)
required by law or authority, not optional, describing something you must do it

(In some countries, military service is ______ for healthy young men.)
at first hand
experienced directly, describing something you see or do yourself, not just read or hear about

(I had seen pictures of Paris before I went there but it was even more beautiful when I saw it ______.)
to find or learn something, usually something that is hidden or not obvious

(That car looked nice but when I examined it closely I could ______ a lot of small scratches and dents.)
to end or stop something, to prevent an act or custom by making it illegal

(The United States ______ed slavery in 1865.)
a set of lessons or learning activities in a school course, a plan for learning a subject

(The ______ for my biology course includes a lot of a laboratory work.)