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What is the focal point of a liturgical church?


What denomination uses the Book of Common Prayers?


Prayers from the Book of Psalms said before the funeral by a group of friends and the shomer.


Liturgical churches are Eucharist centered, while Non-liturgical churches are _______ centered.


In Liturgical churches, stated directions in a prayer book or liturgical manual regarding the order of service as approved by the denomination.


The focal point of the liturgical church is the cross or _____ centered on or above the altar.


The congregation can see the Gospel lectern on which side of the liturgical church?


In a liturgical church the readings and prayers are said from which lectern?


The main seating is provided in what part of the liturgical church?


The anglican church began in what century?


Meaning bishop, ______ is the root word of Episcopal.


Close-fitting ankle length clerical robe.


A priest of what denomination might use sand or flower petals to make the sign of the cross on the closed casket at a committal service.


The protest by Martin Luther in the year ______ resulted in the formation of the Lutheran Church.


The branches of the Lutheran church are referred to as what?


In what year did the mennonites settle in the U.S.?


The separation of church and state, the refusal to take oaths, refusal to take up arms, and the protest of slavery are beliefs that distinguish this religious culture.


Horse drawn buggies are the standard means of transportation for which culture?


Amish people ethnically are from what background?

55 million

Approximately how many members of the catholic church live in the U.S.?


True or false. For Catholics who were clergy or members of religious orders, individuals in either group might have to be embalmed in a convent, monastery, or rectory.

at each end of the casket

Where would vigil candles be placed at a funeral?

the celebrant

In a Catholic funeral mass who last in the procession to meet the body at the narthex?


In what year did the Catholic church allow cremation?

Ablution is the rinsing of the mouth, eucharistic vessels and fingers. Absolution is the sacramental remission of sins.

What is the difference between ablution and absolution?

tunica alba



What color would a Bishops cassock be?


The outer garment worn by a priest during the mass.


Holy oil


Deacons vestment


Liturgy of the dead

paschal candle

This object signifies the everlasting light of Christ.


Where is sacraments are kept.


The Judaism was the first ______ religion.

shivah, sholoshim, yarhrzeit

What are the 3 jewish mourning periods?


The focal point of a synagogue or temple.


Jewish children recite this prayer for their deceased parent at every service for eleven months.


While reform jew worship in a temple, orthodox jews worship where?


A memorial service recited four times a year for jewish decedents.


Unlike the American Eastern Orthodox who dress their decedents in regular clothes, their European counter parts ______ the body.


This service of prayer kicks off rites of an Orthodox decedent.


Those sitting on the left side of an Orthodox congregation rise to kiss the icon when it is placed at which end of the casket?


Orthodox churches use these instead of candles.


The Church of Christ, Scientist was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in what year?


Who would officiate a funeral for a member of The Church of Christ, Scientist?

Whether they have been through the temple

What determines the clothing a deceased member of the Church if Latter Day Saints would wear in the casket?


Who would officiate a funeral for a member of The Church of Latter Day Saints?

up to $3,100

How much will the military reimburse families who choose internment in a private cemetery?


A priest or pastor who works for the military.

active duty soldiers

Are full military funerals provided to veterans, active duty soldiers, or both?


A military funeral detail utilizes how many people?

Waist high

How high should the flag be held at a veterans during the committal service?

10 inches

When arranging the flag on an open half couch casket, how long should each of the 3 fold be?


Should the flag be folded before or after sounding TAPS at a committal service?

Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism

What are the 3 main religions of the Orient?


This Religion worships in a pagoda.

3 pieces of gold, pearls, and rice

What might rich Buddhists put in the mouth of their deceased loved ones?

entirely disintegrated

Legally a dead body must be a human, without life, and not _____ ______.


Can disposing a dead body in an unlawful manner take away the right of custody from a next of kin?


While a decedent is at the medical examiners office, does the next of kin have actual or constructive possession?


When an A.L.F calls a funeral home for removal after a patient has died, based on the family's verbal request, what kind of contract do they have?

Because the estate is usually responsible for the funeral bill

Why is the decedents estate an implied party of the funeral contract?


True or false. The relationship a plaintive had with the decedent may determine who the court allows to have right of disposition.


Wearing black at a funeral, treating the body with respect, and being somber about death are what from of social behavior?

blended family

A family consisting of the parents and their children from other families.


When the mother and father work equally as heads of the household, this balance of power is called what?


An event performed in a solemn and prescribed manner.

Because no ceremony takes place

Why is direct disposition not a funeral rite?


What is the sociological word that describes the loss of craftsmanship?

grief therapy

The use of specialized technique to help people with abnormal grief reactions.

grief counseling

Helping people with normal grief complete the grieving process within a reasonable time frame.


The age when children begin to see death as final and inevitable


Who described counseling as "Good communication within and between men"


Who described counseling as "Advice, especially that given as a result of consultation."

empathetic listening

Listening in which the goal is to help the speaker solve a problem.


Who describes delayed grief as "Inhibited, suppressed or postponed response to a loss"


Who coined the word "Griefwork"?

grief syndrome

Lindemann studied Bostons Coconut Grove fire in 1942 and came up with what?

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