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DG Week 8

Daily Geography week 8 BHMCS
I am a narrow body of water between Sicily and Italy. What is my name?
My name is the Strait of Messina
What is the capital of the island nation off the coast of East Asia through which the Tropic of Cancer passes?
The capital is Taipei, in the island nation of Taiwan
Which term does not belong: United States, Russia, or Brazil? Why?
Any of them as long as you can back up your statement with true geographic data as discussed in class
What is the name of the mountain range in northwestern Africa?
The Atlas Mountains
Which ocean borders Australia's western coast?
The Indian Ocean
What are the capitals of the two states that border both the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers?
Springfield is the capital of Illinois and Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky
Which distance is greater; Chicago to New Orleans, or Chicago to Augusta, Maine?
The greater distance is Chicago to Augusta
Which is the only ocean through which the Equator does not pass?
The Artic Ocean is the only one the Equator does not pass through.