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Application software
programs that allow you to perform specific tasks on your computer, writing a letter, preparing an invoice, music, webpage, etc
Ownership rights
specify the allowable use of that program.
Software license
An agreement, either included in a software package or displayed on the screen during installation, that specifies the conditions under which a buyer of the program can use it.
Horizontal software
A generic software that just about any kind of business can use
Vertical software
Software designed for a specific purpose
4 basic categories of software
commercial, shareware, freeware, and public domain software.
Open source software
Software programs made up of source code that is available to the public. can be copywrited
Commercial software
Copyrighted software that is developed, usually by a commercial company and sold for a profit. (MS Office, turbo tax, garageBand).
users can obtain a site license or network license.
demo or trial versions may be available - but missing key features
Running instance
the number of software instances (installed or virtual) being used at any given time
Altair Engineering (software vendor)
uses license tokens - that are drawn from a central license server when the application is running and returned to the server when the application is finished.
Ownership rights for original creative works
Single-user license
you cannot legally make copies of the installation cd
Commercial Software examples
MS Office, Norton AnitVirus, Adobe photoshop, World of Warcraft
WinZip, Video Edit Magic, Image Shrinker ,Deluxe Ski Jump 3
IE, OpenOffice.org, Quick Time player, Yahoo!Missenger
Public domain
Lynx, Quake 3
Copyrighted software distributed free of charge on a trial basis with payment by the honor system.
Copyrighted software that may be sued free of charge. (MS IE, Real's Real Player). Widely available over the internet.
Public domain software
Software that is not copyrighted and is free to copy and distribute without restriction
Mobile software (apps)
software specifically designed for a specific type of mobile phone or other mobile device. Over 500,000 apps for the iPhone.
most apps are free or minimal cost. some compatible with desktop software
Mobile voice search
one growing mobile application
Installed software
A software program that must be installed on a computer before it is run.
Mobile software
always downloaded from an app store, Apples's App Store, Blackberry's App World, Android Market
Installation program
is how program software is installed
Web-based software (Saas)
Software that is delivered on demand via the Web; also referred to as Software as a Service and cloudware.
Free online office suites
Google Docs, ThinkFree Online, Zoho.
Application service providers are companies that deliver Saas
Advantage of web-base software
can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
Disadvantage of web-base software
online applications tend to run more slowly, can not access if the internet goes down.
Software suite
a collection of software programs bundled together and sold as a single software package.
MS Office
One of the most widely used office software suites
Word processing software
allows users to easily create and edit complex text-based documents taht can also include images and other content
Spreadsheet software
provides users with a convenient means of creating documents containing complex mathematical calculations
Database software
allows users to store and organize vast amounts of data and retrieve specific information when needed.
Presentation graphics software
allows users to create visual presentatoin to convey information more easily to others.
Free alternative office suites
LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org
Google Docs
a fee Web-based office suite
Documents are created...
in the RAM and then saved on a storage medium
Common software commands
open ctrl+O, Save ctrl+S, etc
Commands are issued through
menus, keyboard shortcuts, or command buttons located on a toolbar or Tibbon
Menu bar
At the top of the screen, a listing of the names of menus, each of which contains a set of commands
Graphic images or symbols that represent applications
Keyboard shortcuts
a combination of keyboard keys that are pressed in unison to issue a specific software command.
A feature found in recent versions of Microsoft Office that used tabs to
changing the content of a document, such as inserting or deleting words
Insertion Point
an on-screen character that looks like a blinking vertical line; indicates the current location in a document, which is where the next change will be made.
located in the Ribbon, which contain groups of related commands for the program being used.
Home Tab
contains the most frequently used commands in that program
Contextual tab
A tab containing groups of buttons that represent commands for customizing and formatting the selected object.
File tab
opens the Backstage view
Backstage view
A view that replaces the File menu that appeared in previous versions of Office. contains common command such as open, save, print, send, and publish.
Changing the appearance of a document, such as changing the margins or font size.
font face or typeface
a named collection of text characters that share a common design, such as Calibiri or Times New Roman
Font size
measured in point
Font style
bold, italic or underline
allows you to search for help topics by typing a keyword or phrase
message boards
a web site where you can post messages and reply to messages posted by others
Word processing software
Application software used to create, edit, save, and print documents.
typically include improved collaboration, security, and rights-management tools.
Word Processing
refers to using a computer and word processing software to create, edit, save, and print written documents, such as letters, contracts, manuscripts, newsletters, invoices, marketing material, and reports.
rights-management tools
tools used to protect original content form misuse by others. Digital signatures, encryption and other security tools
Frequently used Word processing program
Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Apple Pages (all a part of software suites)
Word document extension
.docx (older .doc)
Rich Text Format
(.rtf) Universal extension
Word wrap
means the insertion point automatically moves to the beginning of the next line when the end of the screen line is reached.
Live Preview
changes the appearance of selected items when a formatting command is pointed to
appears on the title bar once a file has been saved one time.
Status Bar
indicates the number of pages and words currently in the document, the current document view and zoom level, and so on.
Character formatting
The process of changing the way characters appear on the screen and in print.
Mini toolbar
A small toolbar that appears when the mouse pointer is placed on a selected text object; provides commands for working with the text.
Font Dialog Box Launcher
where is the small check box located to open the Font dialog box
Paragraph formatting
The process of changing the appearance of a paragraph.
A gallery of text formatting that can be applied quickly to paragraphs and characters
Document formatting
Arranging or settling out data in a specific way
Prepare for Sharing
to avoid the embarrassment of distributing a document with hidden text, internal comments, personal information, and other data you may not want to pass onto others, click File,Info, and then Prepare for Sharing to check for and remove this data before distribution.
Table feature
A feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to easily align text in columns and rows.
Graphing or drawing features
commonly found in word processing programs
Picture tools contextual tab
is displayed on teh Ribbon whenever an image is selected
a document that is already created and formatted to fit a particular purpose, such as a fax cover sheet, resume, memo, business card, calendar, invoice, newsletter, or web page.
Insert tab
used to insert a table, picture, shape, or other object into the document.
Table tools contextual tab
used to change the design or layout of a table; available only when a table is selected.
A document containing a group of values and other data organized into rows and columns; also called a worksheet in a spreadsheet program.
Spreadsheet software
Application software used to create spreadsheets, which typically contain a great deal of numbers and mathematical computations organized into rows and columns.
used to compute calculations
A single spreadsheet document in a spreadsheet program
a collection of worksheets saved in a single spreadsheet file
in a spreadsheet program, a horizontal group of cells on a worksheet
In a spreadsheet program, a vertical group of cells on a worksheet
The location at the intersection of a row and column on a worksheet into which data can be typed.
Cell pointer
is used to select a cell
Active cell or current cell
is the selected cell and has a border around it so it is easy to identify.
Range or block
a selected group of cells. Ranges are always rectangular and are identified by specifying two opposite corners of the range, such as D8 through E9.
what-if analysis
Process of changing values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas in the worksheet. Experiment with various possible scenarios.
Cell address
consists of the column letter followed by the row number, such as B4 or E22
The data entered into a cell is usually ...
a label, a constant value, a formula, or a function.
a text-based entry in a worksheet cell that identifies data on the worksheet
Constant value
are numbers (such as 105 or 12740.25) and are entered into a cell without any additional characters.
an entry in a worksheet cell that performs computations on worksheet data and displays the results.
A named formula that can be entered into a worksheet cell to perform some type of calculation or to extract information from other cells in the worksheet.
There are hundreds of functions that can be used in spreadsheets for statistical, date and time, engineering, math, logical, and text-based computations.
cell or range address
inserts the current date and time.
Copying with relative cell references
in most formulas, cell addresses are relative and will be adjusted as the formula is copied.
Copying with absolute cell references
a $ sign marks a cell reference as absolute; it will be copied exactly as it appears in the source cell
number format
changes the appearance of numeric content
relative cell
A cell reference that adjusts to its new location when copied moved.
Absolute Cell
A cell address, such as $E$14, referenced in a formula that does not change based on the location of the cell that contains the formula.
what-if analysis (sensitivity analysis)
is the process of changing values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas in the worksheet.
Goal seeking
another type of sensitivity. Involves having the spreadsheet compute the amount a constant value would need to be in order for the result of a particular formula to become a specified amount.
a collection of related data that is stored in a manner enabling information to be retrieved as needed; in a relational database, a collection of related tables
Database management system (DBMS)
also called database software
Database software
application software that allows the creation and manipulation of an electronic database. typically organized into fields, records, and files
a single category of data to be stored in a database, such as a person's last name or telephone number. (Also called a column)
in a database, a field.
a collection of related fields in a database. also called a row
In a database program, a record.
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS's)
Most commonly used is MS Access, Corel Paradox, Oracle Database and IBM's DB2.
databases contain objects
forms, queries, and reports
are the objects that contain the database data. In a relational database, a collection of related records or rows.
the fields and their properties
field name
an identifying name unique within the table
data type
identifies the type of data to be contained in the field
field size
the maximum number of characters allowed for the content of that field
default value
the initial content of that field that remains until it is changed
Form or datasheet view
to add new data to an existing table, to edit data, or to delete data
a question, or, in database terms, a request for specific information from the database
specific conditions that must be met in order for a record (row) to be included in the query results
can contain page and column headings, as well as a company logo or other graphics, and can be formatted and customized as desired
Presentation graphic
An image, such as a graph or drawn object, designed to visually enhance a presentation
a one-page presentation graphic that can be displayed in a group with others to form an electronic slide show
Electronic slide show
a group of electronic slides that are displayed one after the other on a computer monitor or other display device
Presentation graphics software
application software used to create presentation graphics and electronic slide shows.
contains tabs of commands grouped by function
Video clips
can be inserted into slides and set up to play automatically when the slide is loaded or when the video placeholder is clicked
Speaker notes
can be added to the slides as needed.
Presenter view
can be used when two display devices are available
Graphics software
also called digital imaging software - is used to create or modify images
Vector graphics (drawing program or illustration program)
use mathematical formulas to represent image content instead of pixels. Can be resized and otherwise manipulated without loss of quality.
Popular painting programs
Corel Painter
Painting programs (bitmap images)
typically create images pixel by pixel so images cannot be layered or resized.
Drawing programs (illustration programs)
typically create images using mathematical formulas so images can consist of multiple objects that can be layered, and the images can be resized without distortion
Photo editing programs (image editing)
allow user to edit digital photos
common drawing programs
Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW
common image editing software
Adobe Photshop Elements, apple iphoto, corel paintshop pro, mS office picture manager, picasa
DVD authoring
refers to organizing content to be transferred to DVD
DVD burning
refers to recording data on a recordable or rewritable DVD
Video editing software
adobe premiere express, serif movieplus, roxio crator, appli imovie and idvd, roxio creator pro
Media players
are programs designed to paly audio and video files. Real player, itunes, windows media player, and quicktime
refers to using a personal computer to combine and manipulate text and images to create attractive documents that look as if they were created by professional printer. Microsoft Publisher, Serif Page Plus
Educational Software
is designed to teach one or more skill
Entertainment software
games, simulations
Reference software
encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, mapping/travel programs, cookbook programs, nutrition or fitness programs
Note taking software
most often used with tablet computers and other devices designed to accept pen input. MS OneNote, Circus Ponies Notebook, Zoho Notebook
Computer Aided Design software (CAD)
enable designers to design objects on the computer. Architects and engineers use to create buildings.
Accounting software
is used to automate some of the accounting activities that need to be performed on a regular basis. Personal finance, online banking, online portfolio management
Project management software
is used to plan schedule, track, and analyze the tasks involved in a project, such as the construction of a building.
Collaboration software
software that enables a group of individuals to work together on a project
Remote access software
enable individuals to access content on another computer that they are authorized to access, via the Internet. Slingbox
Slingbox software
gives you access to and control over your cable box and DVR via the Internet