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Chapter 37: The Eisenhower Era

Election of 1952
Dwight D. Eisenhower wins
Anti-Communist vote
Chooses Richard Nixon as his running mate in order to bring in the _________.
expands rapidly
David Riesman
become social critics who openly criticized the mass media culture of the 1950's saying that Americans had become affluent conformists unable to think for themselves (not Whyte)
William H. Whyte Jr.
become social critics who openly criticized the mass media culture of the 1950's saying that Americans had become affluent conformists unable to think for themselves (not Riesman)
Prosperity sweeps the nation as __________leads the way.
Betty Friedan
gave focus and fuel to women's feelings in 1963 when she published "The Feminine Mystique"
In terms of politics, ___________ threatened the traditional roles of political parties.
political messages
Applied the standards of show business and commercialism to
___________ .
short slogans
Encouraged reliance on ___________ and sound bites.
affection (and) respect
Dwight D. Eisenhower's greatest asset as President was his enjoyment of the ___________ and ___________ of the American People.
US Army
McCarthy's anticommunist crusade ends when he attacks this group for allegedly sheltering communists
African Americans
A gap between American ideals and racial practices revealed by WWII led to a new militancy and restlessness among many ___________ .
Jim Crow
In an effort to overturn ___________ laws and the segregated system that they had created, African Americans:
• Staged economic boycotts
• Attacked the underpinnings of segregation in the courts
• Black churches became staging points for black rights
• Adopted the non-violent tactics of Gandhi
Paul Robeson
singer who criticized American racial policies in Europe; as a result, the State Department revoked his passport
Supreme Court
The ___________ began to advance the cause of civil rights in the 1950's because Congress and the Presidency had largely abdicated their responsibilities by ignoring the problem.
he ignored Pres. Eisenhower's advice against integrating the armed forces
Brown vs. the Board of Education
1954 Supreme Court case that ruled racially segregated school systems were inherently unequal
Earl Warren
chief justice on the Brown vs. the Board of Education case
Little Rock Nine
Nine black teenagers who integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957 and became the focus of a national crisis that required the intervention of federal troops to resolve.
Martin Luther King Jr
arrested for the first time in 1955 for organizing a bus boycott
King was arrested this many times; each arrest was calculated in order to challenge a law in court
Earl Warren
was thought to be a staunch conservative because of his role with putting the Japanese in internment camps; turns out to be one of the most liberal judges in US history
SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
Grew out of the sit-in movement launched by young southern blacks
Dynamic Conservatism
President Eisenhower defines his domestic policy as this
Dawes Severalty Act
Eisenhower wanted a return to the ___________ of 1887 when dealing with Native Americans (forced assimilation).
Francis Gary Powers
pilot of the U-2 plane shot down by the U.S.S.R.
falls to Ho Chi Minh's communist forces; Eisenhower refuses to permit any American involvement
John Foster Dulles
Eisenhower's vehemently anticommunist Secretary of State
Operation Wetback
massive round up of illegal immigrants; as many as 1 million Mexicans were apprehended and returned to Mexico in 1954
Eisenhower Doctrine (1957)
pledging U.S. military and economic aid to Middle Eastern nations threatened by communist aggression
Britain (and) France
The US condemned ___________ and ___________ as the aggressors in the Suez Canal Crisis.
The ___________ organized revolutions and assassinations in both Iran and Guatemala.
launched into orbit by the USSR
Election of 1956
Eisenhower wins in a landslide
Castro and Che Guevera
overthrow the Cuban government in favor of communism (two people)
Election of 1960
Nixon vs. JFK