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What are the types of nerve agents?
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GB stands for what?SarinGD stands for what?SomanWhat are types of vomiting agents?DA- Diphenychlorasine DC- Diphenylcyanarsine DM- AdamsiteVomiting agents have what smell?Fireworks/shoe polishWhat color smoke does Vomiting agents produce?DA/DC- White DM- YellowHow does vomiting agents infect the body?Must be InhaledVomiting agents usually take effect in what time frame?30 seconds - 2 minutesSigns and symptoms of a vomiting agent?- Headache - Burning in the throat - Chest tightness - Coughing sneezing - N/V - LacrimationTreatment for vomiting agent?1. Don PPE 2. Move patient to fresh air 3. Symptoms subside in 30 minutes - 3 hrsWhat will assist in shortening vomiting agent symptoms?Vigorous activityWhat are types of blister agents?HD- Distilled mustard HN- Nitrogen Mustard Lewisite Phosgene oxideHow does blister agents infect people?Absorbed through skin or ingestedWhat does blister agents smell like?A pungent peppered fish Geranium.Blisters can appear in what time fram?2 - 48 hrsSigns and symptoms of a blister agent?- Blisters - N/V - Intense GI Pain - Eye Swelling - Corneal ScarringTreatment for Blister agents?1. Don PPE 2. Flush Skin 3. Flush Eyes 4. Vaseline for eyes 5. Antibiotics 6. IV FluidsTypes of blood agents?AC- Hydrogen Cyanide CK- Cyanogen ChlorideWhat does blood agents smell like?Bitter almondsHow does blood agents infect the body?InhaledSymptoms of a blood agent?- Hyperpnea - Anxiety/agitation - Vertigo - Weakness - N/V - Cherry red skin - Seizures - Respiratory failureBlood agents can cause seizures within how many seconds?30Respiratory failure and death can occur within what time frame after being infected by a blood agent?2 - 4 minutesTreatment for blood agent?1. Don PPE 2. Decon Skin 3. Sodium Nitrate IV 10 ml 4. Sodium Thiosulphate 50 mlTypes of choking agents?CL- Chlorine CG- Phosgene DP- DiphosgeneChoking agents smell like?Freshly cut grass, hay, cornChoking agents infect the body how?InhaledSigns and symptoms of a choking agent?- Headache - Eye irritation - Coughing - Shortness of breath - 2-6 hours (Cyanosis, hypoxia, pneumonia, hypotension, pulmonary edema, death.Treatment for choking agents?1. Don PPE 2. Establish airway 3. Rest and warmth 4. OxygenWhat antidote can you give to a patient who was exposed to a choking agent?None existsTypes of lacrimators?CS- Ochlorbenzylmalontrile CN- ChloracetophenoneLacrimators smell like?Peppered apple blossomsLacrimator signs and symptoms?- Pain/Burning in the eyes - Profuse tearing - Epistaxis - coughing/dyspnea - CS- burnsTreatment for lacrimators?1. Don PPE 2. Fresh air 3. Flush eyesTypes of incapacitating agents?BZ- Buzz gas Agent 15Incapacitating agents smell like?No smellIncapacitating agents can take affect when?30 minutes to 4 hoursSymptoms of a incapacitating agent?Blind as a bat (Dilated pupils) dry as a bone (Dry mouth/skin) hot as a hare (Hyperthermia) red as a beat (red skin1) Mad as a hatter (Slowed Mental activity)Treatment for incapacitating agents?1. Clear airway 2. Treat for heat stroke 3. Give fluids 4. Approach with caution 5. Remove weapons 6. RestrainWhat meds can you give to a incapacitated person?Physostigmine 45 mcg/kg IM every hourWhat does a NATO chemical warning marker look like?11"x 8" x 8" with yellow background, and red letters spelling " GAS". upside down pyramidWhat does a NATO Biological warning marker look like?11"x 8" x 8" with blue background, and red letters spelling " BIO". upside down pyramidThree groups of biological agents?- Bacteria - Virus - Biological toxinAnthrax falls into what group of biological agents?BacteriaAnthrax can infect someone how?- skin - lungs - ingestionAnthrax is derived from what?Common domesticated animals. Cattle, sheep, horses.Anthrax signs usually present in what time frame?48 hoursIncubation period for anthrax?hours - 7 daysCutaneous anthrax infections present as?- Fluid filled vesicles that dry as coal-black scabs surrounded by edema.Inhalation anthrax presents as?- Gradual onset of fever, fatigue - short period of improvement - Abrupt onset of respiratory distress - septic shockGastrointestinal Anthrax presents as?- Severe sore throat - N/V with fever - Sever abdominal pain with bloodHow do you treat anthrax?CiprofloxacinHow can you prevent anthrax?InoculationTypes of plague?Bubonic Septicemic PneumonicTreatment for plague?Streptomycin DoxycylcineHow can you contract smallpox?Contact with: Respiratory discharge Bed linen or clothing Wound drainageSmallpox presents as?- Fever - Headache - Back pain - Vomiting Lesions on face, hands, forearms, trunkSmallpox can be prevented how?Inoculation every 10 yearsBotulism can be contracted how?Inhalation or ingestedSigns and symptoms of botulism?- Blurred vision - Dry mouth - Dysphagia - Diplopia - Muscular weakness - Flaccid paralysis - Respiratory arrestTreatment for botulism?- Rest - O2 - Crych - Mechanical Ventilation - Botulism antitoxinWhat biological toxin is most toxic to man?BotulismRicin can infect someone how?Inhalation IngestionFour phases of defensive measures against BW agents?Pre-Attack Attack Post-Attack Decontamination