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  1. cataract
  2. vertigo
  3. oval window
  4. external auditor canal/meatus
  1. a separates the middle ear from the inner ear
  2. b clouding of lens
  3. c lined with glands that secrete ear wax (cerumen)
  4. d dizzy
  5. e rings put on cornea to reshape

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  1. malleus/hammer, incus/anvil, stapes/stirrups
  2. not a medical doctor, does eye exams
  3. outer/external ear, middle ear/tympanic, inner ear/labyrinth
  4. use knife to cut slits in cornea
  5. separates the outer ear from the middle ear

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  1. phacoemulsificationremoval of eyeball (treatment of cancer)


  2. conjunctivitisinflammation of conjunctiva (pink eye)


  3. photophobiaeyes turn toward each other; cross-eyed


  4. hordeolum/stycyst on eyelid with bacterial infection


  5. cochleanew lens put in