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  1. pinna/auricle
  2. LASIK
  3. exotropia
  4. -scopy
  5. pressure-equalizing tubes
  1. a visual examination
  2. b put in to cure otitis media (drains pus and relieves pressure)
  3. c eyes turn outward
  4. d create a flap, then cut slits in cornea, then pull flap back down
  5. e collects sound waves, where the sound waves occur

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  1. use laser to cut slits in corner
  2. night vision; have trouble seeing at night
  3. new lens put in
  4. fear of light; light bothers the eyes
  5. not a medical doctor, does eye exams

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  1. ossicles/bones of the earmalleus/hammer, incus/anvil, stapes/stirrups


  2. -metryprocess of measuring


  3. opthalmologistmedical doctor, does surgeries


  4. external auditor canal/meatustransmit sound waves through the middle ear


  5. esotropiaeyes turn toward each other; cross-eyed