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  1. external auditor canal/meatus
  2. cochlea
  3. phacoemulsification
  4. RK
  5. LASIK
  1. a lined with glands that secrete ear wax (cerumen)
  2. b busting up lens to remove, replacement lens put in
  3. c snail shaped; in the inner ear
  4. d create a flap, then cut slits in cornea, then pull flap back down
  5. e use knife to cut slits in cornea

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  1. medical doctor, does surgeries
  2. separates the outer ear from the middle ear
  3. clouding of lens
  4. transmit sound waves through the middle ear
  5. use laser to cut slits in corner

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  1. enucleationsnail shaped; in the inner ear


  2. tinnitusringing/roaring noise in ear


  3. ossicles/bones of the earmalleus/hammer, incus/anvil, stapes/stirrups


  4. nyctalopiaeyes turn outward


  5. INTACSclouding of lens