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  1. RK
  2. external auditor canal/meatus
  3. cochlea
  4. -scopy
  5. optometrist
  1. a lined with glands that secrete ear wax (cerumen)
  2. b use knife to cut slits in cornea
  3. c not a medical doctor, does eye exams
  4. d visual examination
  5. e snail shaped; in the inner ear

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  1. transmit sound waves through the middle ear
  2. eyes turn outward
  3. use laser to cut slits in corner
  4. deterioration of the macula of the retina; central/straight ahead vision is affected; your peripheral (side) vision is fine, age related; person rarely goes blind
  5. removal of eyeball (treatment of cancer)

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  1. -graphyvisual examination


  2. phacoemulsificationremoval of eyeball (treatment of cancer)


  3. pressure-equalizing tubesconnects middle ear to the pharynx, equalize pressure on the outer and inner surfaces of the eardrum


  4. conjunctivitisinflammation of conjunctiva (pink eye)


  5. cataractclouding of lens


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