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(5) Epithelium


- highly cellular tissue
- little intercellular material
- lines or covers surfaces
- has no blood supply
- high regenerative capacity
- rests on a BM
- structural polarity
- forms the endocrine and exocrine glands

- highly ____ tissue
- little _____ material
- lines or covers ______
- has no _____ supply
- ___ regenerative capacity
- rests on a ______
- structural _____
- forms the ___ and ___ glands
- protection
- selective permeability barrier
- absorption, secretion, excretion
- sensory reception
- reproduction
what are the 5 functions of epithelium?
- protects underlying CT
- surfaces kept moist, lubricated, abrasion free
- immune protection, intarepithelial lymphocytes, Langerhans cells, M cells

- protects underlying ____
- surfaces kept ___ (3 things)
- _____ protection, intraepithelial lymphocytes, Langherhans cels, M-cells
ions, fluids

- controls the passage of ___ and ___
- nutrients are absorbed, wastes are excreted
- cells synthesize and release gland products, enzymes, hormones, mucus

- nutrients are ___, wastes are ___
- cells synthesize and release ___ (4 things)
- eye
- ear
- tongue
- olfactory area

- neuroepithelium of ___ (4 places)

formation of male and female ____ cells
- apical domain
- lateral domain
- basal domain
what are the 3 domains of a POLARIZED epithelial cell?
apical domain
which domain is exposed to the lumen or external environment?
- cilia
- microvilli
the apical domain has structures impt for protection of the epithelial surfaces (i.e. ___) or for the absorption of substances (i.e. ____)
lateral domain
which domain faces the neighboring epithelial cells?
cell adhesion molecules and junctional complexes
the lateral domains are linked to each other by ___ and ___
basal domain
which domain is associated with the basement membrane that separates the epithelium from CT?
- protection
- regulation of water and nutrient uptake
what are the 2 functions of the apical domain?
- hydrolases
- Na transporters
- Cl channels
what are the 3 components of the apical domain?
- cell contact
- cell adhesion
- cell communication
what are the 3 functions of the lateral domain?
- adhesion molecules
- junctional complex
- communicating junctions
what are the 3 components of the lateral domain?
- signal transduction
- signal reception
- ion gradients
what are the 2 functions of the basal lateral domain?
- growth factor receptors
- hormone receptors
- anion channel
what are the 3 components of the basal lateral domain?
cell to ECM or substrate contact
what is the 1 function of the basal domain?
- integrins
what are the 2 components of the basal domain?
- fibronectin
- laminin
- type IV collagen
- proteoglycans
what are the 4 components of the BM?
- number of layers
- shape of cells in most superficial layer
- surface modifications
what are the 3 ways epithelium can be classified?
- simple (1 layer)
- stratified (>1 layer)
what are the 2 classifications based on numbers of layers?
- squamous (flat)
- cuboidal (square)
- columnar (rectangular)
what are the 3 classifications based on the shape of the cells in the most superficial layer?
- cilia
- microvilli
- keratinized
what are 3 examples of classifications based on surface modifications?
transitional (relaxed or distended)
what is the type of epithelium in the urinary system?
pseudostratified columnar
what is the type of epithelium in the respiratory system?
simple epithelium is ___ cells thick
simple epithelium that lines BLOOD and LYMPHATIC vessels
what is endothelium?
simple CUBOIDAL epithelium that lines all body cavities (peritoneum, pericardium, pleura)
what is mesothelium?
thin endothelium meant for rapid diffusion
what is simple squamous endothelium designed for?
in all ducts

functions in
- secretion
- absortpion
- protection
where is simple cuboidal epithelium found?

what are its 3 functions?
- absorptive (microvilli)
- secretotory (goblet cells)

- absorptive
- secretory
- ciliated (9+2)
how is simple columnar epithelium INTESTINE and the RESPIRATORY tract?
simple squamous epithelium (endothelium)
vessels are lined by ___
simple cuboidal epithelium
ducts are lined by ___
simple columnar epithelium
GI tract is lined by ___
pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium
the respiratory system is lined by ___
pseudostratified columnar epithelium with sterocilia
the epididymis is lined by ___
transitional epithelium
the urinary system is lined by ___
basal lamina
pseudostratified epithelium consists of basal and columnar cells resting on a ____
in pseudostratified epithelium, only ___ cells reach the luminal surface
urinary epithelium is made of ___ shaped cells on the surface, projecting into the lumen when the organ is not stretched or distended
urinary epithelial cells become ____ when the organ fills up with urine
nuclei are visible in the ___ layer of the urinary epithelium
stratified epithelia has ___ or more cell layers
- stratified squamous
- stratified cuboidal
- stratified columnar
what are the 3 types of stratified epithelia?
protection and secretion
stratified squamous epithelium functions in what 2 things?
stratified squamous
what is the most frequent epithelium found in the body?
- nonkeratinized
- highly keratinzed
what are the 2 types of stratified squamous?
- esophagus
- vagina

nuclei might be visible in the outer layer
where is nonkeratinized stratified squamous found?

will there be nuclei found in the outer layer?
- epidermis of skin

nuclei are ABSENT in the outer layer
where is highly keratinized stratified squamous found?

will there be nuclei found in the outer layer?
stratified squamous nonkeratinized epithelium
identify A
stratified squamous keratinized epithelium
identify B
- microvilli
- sterocilia
- cilia
the apical domain of some epithelium can display 3 different specializations. what are they?
fingerlike projections that increase SURFACE AREA
what are microvili?
- actin core
- other proteins extend to the TERMINAL WEB
what are microvilli made of?
a filamentous network of cytoskeletal proteins into which the actin core and other proteins of microvilli extend
what is the terminal web?
terminal web is inside the cell
glycocalyx (fuzzy sugar coat)
describe the exterior of microvilli
- itnestinal epithelium
- portions of kidney

where are microvilli found?
what does it form?
long and branching finger like projections
what are sterocilia?
actin core but
NO AXONEMES (as do cilia)
what are sterocilia made of?
where is sterocilia found?
motile luminal specializations originating from BASAL BODIES
what are cilia?
basal bodies
where do cilia originate from?
rootlets to the apical portion of cytoplasm
what anchors cilia?
9 triplet microtubules in an array WITHOUT a central microtubular component
what does the basal body contain?
- transport mucous and cells
what is the function of cilia?
- trachea
- oviduct
where is cilia found?
cilium consists of a 9+2 microtubular doublet arrangement called an ___
simple columnar epithelium

small intestine
identify the type of epithelium

where would this be found?
brush border (microvilli)
identify the arrowhead
inraepithelial lymphocytes
identify the arrows
simple columnar epithelium from the SI
identify the epithelium
- microvilli
- lumen
- goblet cells
- nucleu
- basement membrane
identify the
- Mv
- Lu
- MD
- N
- BM
simple squamous
identify the epithelium
transitional epithelium
identify the epithelium
identify the epithelium
identify the epithelium
stratified columnar epithelium
identify the epithelium
intralobular duct
identify the duct in the center of the field
goblet cell
identify the arrow
the duct is surrounded by ___
stratified cuboidal epithelium
identify the epithelium
ciliated pseudostratified epithelium with GOBLET cells
identify the epithelium
- layer of basal nuclei
- nuclei in intermediate layer
- area of cytoplasm near the apical surface
- modification of the apical tissue
what are the 4 criteria of identifying pseudostratified epithelium?
stratified squamous epithelium
identify the epithelium
pseudostratified epitheilum of the EPIDIDYMIS with STEROCILIA
identify the epithelium (what does it have and where is it)?