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  1. Intestinal Obstruction
  2. Retroperitoneal
  3. Viral Hepatitis
  4. Enamel
  5. Parotid Salvary Gland
  1. a Hardest substance in body
  2. b any hindrance of chyme or feces
  3. c Organs that lie directly against body wall - duodenum, pancreas, ascending/descending colon, rectum, kidneys; everything else intra-peritoneal
  4. d 25-30% of saliva production
  5. e Inflammation of liver

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  1. propulsion, contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle in alimentory canal
  2. visceral peritoneum
  3. Smooth involuntary
  4. 32
  5. Absorb water and electrolytes

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  1. Femoral HerniaIntestines push through femoral triangle - more common females


  2. Gallstonespressure releases mucous, lubricating anal canal during defication


  3. AbsorptionContractions of smooth muscle, mechanical digestion, mixes food with digestive juices


  4. Small intestineSimple Columnar Epithelium, nutrient absorption


  5. Enteroendocrine CellsStomach, hydrochloric acid secretion, gastric intrinsic factor secretion, hyposecretion leads to no RBC mitosis