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  1. Retroperitoneal
  2. Anal sinuses
  3. Development
  4. Absorption
  5. Enamel
  1. a Organs that lie directly against body wall - duodenum, pancreas, ascending/descending colon, rectum, kidneys; everything else intra-peritoneal
  2. b Plicae Circularis, Villi, Microvilli - increase surface area
  3. c pressure releases mucous, lubricating anal canal during defication
  4. d Endoderm becomes tube; foregut (pharynx to duodenum), midgut (duodenum to transverse colon), hindgut (transverse colon to anus), everything else off gut tube
  5. e Hardest substance in body

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  1. Erosion of stomach or duodenal mucosa, associated with asprin and heliobacter pylori; perforating ulcer = eroded through entire wall
  2. Intestines push through femoral triangle - more common females
  3. Stomach, mucin secretion to protect stomach lining
  4. Stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium
  5. visceral peritoneum

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  1. Mucous Neck CellsStomach, secretion of pepsinogen - digest proteins


  2. Viral HepatitisStomach pushes through esophageal hiatus


  3. Enteroendocrine CellsStomach, acidic mucin secretion to maintain acidic contitions


  4. Colorectal Cancer2nd most common cancer, intestinal polyps (slight blockage looking thing on side of intestinal wall)


  5. Inguinal HerniaIntestines push through inguinal canal - more common males