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  1. Anal sinuses
  2. Peristalsis
  3. Inguinal Hernia
  4. Lips histology
  5. Cirrhosis
  1. a Alcoholism, liver cells destroyed and replaced by connective tissue
  2. b Stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium
  3. c Intestines push through inguinal canal - more common males
  4. d propulsion, contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle in alimentory canal
  5. e pressure releases mucous, lubricating anal canal during defication

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  1. 60-70% of saliva production
  2. vascularized and innervated
  3. Plicae Circularis, Villi, Microvilli - increase surface area
  4. 32
  5. any hindrance of chyme or feces

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  1. Surface Mucous CellsStomach, acidic mucin secretion to maintain acidic contitions


  2. Peptic UlcerErosion of stomach or duodenal mucosa, associated with asprin and heliobacter pylori; perforating ulcer = eroded through entire wall


  3. Parotid Salvary Gland25-30% of saliva production


  4. Large IntestineAbsorb water and electrolytes


  5. RetroperitonealPlicae Circularis, Villi, Microvilli - increase surface area