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A neuron is

A cell of the nervous system responsible for receiving and transmitting electrochemical information

The branches of the neuron that receive neural impulses from other neurons are called ___, and the tube-like structure that conveys impulses toward other neurons is called the ___.

Dendrites; axon

Lynn has a disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), that makes her muscle coordination difficult. MS results from ___.

Progressive deterioration of the myelin sheath

Neurotransmitters are ___.

All of these options

This neurotransmitter's major role is to inhibit neural transmissions in the central nervous system.


Your textbook's definition of an action potential is

A neural impulse that carries information along the axon of the neuron

Excess neurotransmitters left in the synapse after an action potential

Are absorbed back into the sending neuron or are broken down by enzymes

Drugs act at the synapse by ___.

Replacing, decreasing, or enhancing the amount of neurotransmitter

A collection of glands found throughout the body that manufacture and secrete hormones into the bloodstream in order to effect behavioral change or maintain normal bodily functions is called the ___.

Endocrine system

Neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the brain to change its ___ in response to environmental conditions.

Structure and function

You have just touched a hot mug of coffee. Your hand immediately and reflexively pulls away. This action was controlled by your ___.

Spinal cord

The somatic nervous system is made up of

Nerves that connect to sensory receptors and control skeletal muscles

The ___ nervous system is responsible for fight or flight whereas the ___ nervous system is responsible for maintaining calm.

Sympathetic; parasympathetic

A split-brain patient is presented with the word "ANTEATER" with ANT presented to his left visual field and EATER presented to his right visual field/ How does he respond when asked what word he sees?


This is a term for the specialization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain for particular operations.


The structure at the base of the brain behind the brain stem is responsible for maintaining smooth movements, balance, and some aspects of perception and cognition.


Behavioral genetics is the study of

The relative effects of heredity and environment on behavior and mental processes

If a trait is recessive, this means it will take ___ gene(s) for the trait to manifest itself in one's offspring.

Any of these combinations

Tongue-curling is a dominant trait. If you can curl your tongue, this means that ___.

At least one of your parents can

This is a measure of the degree to which a characteristic is related to genetic, inherited factors.


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