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Appalachian Plateau
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Savannah RiverA major river in Georgia that serves as the GA-SC border, is important to shipping, and along which the first English settlements in Georgia were.Valley and RidgeRegion of Georgia with fertile farmland between ridges, also known as the "Carpet Capital of the World".Northern and WesternHemispheres where Georgia is locatedPiedmontan area of rolling land along the foot of a mountain range- GA's most populous regionCoastal Plain RegionRegion with the lowest elevation. Is a good agricultural area because the minerals from the mountains get washed up here. The first region settled by Europeans. eastern rim of the Coastal Plain is called Tidewater. Underwater during prehistoric times.Okefenokee SwampOne of the largest freshwater wetlands (swamp) in North America (tremendous biodiversity).From 1910 until 1937, before Franklin Roosevelt established 80% of the Okefenokee as a wildlife refuge, the swamp was a major source of timber.Brasstown BaldHighest peak in Georgia and has an elevation of over 4700 feet above sea level.peanuts, peaches, soybeans, cotton, Vidalia onions, and pecansmajor crops grown in the inner Coastal Plain region; ourstate crop: peanuts!Tourismmajor source of income for Coastal Plains.Atlanta, Columbus, Macon and Augustamajor cities located in the Piedmont region. Many are located on the Fall Line.80 inches of rain per yearAverage precipitation in the Blue Ridge region. This is the highest in the state.Chattahoochee and Savannah RiversBoth originate (begin) in the Blue Ridge region.DahlonegaSite of America's first gold rush in 1828; now a tourist location in the Blue Ridge regionTextile mills, carpet production, and miningsources of income for the Valley and Ridge regionCloudland Canyon, Lookout Mountain, and cavestourism spots all located in the Appalachian PlateauCoal and limestonemined in the Appalachian Plateau region; this is the ONLY region with coal deposits in the entire stateOcmulgee RiverMajor River that runs through MaconBrasstown Baldhighest point in Georgia

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