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which primary bronchi is larger in diameter?


which primary bronchi is more horizontal?


where does air enter the nasal cavity of the respiratory system?

warm, filter, humidify

what are the three functions of the nasal cavity mucosa


mucous membrane-lined cavities

what is the function of the sinuses?

make the skull less heavy and act as resonance chambers for speech


known as the throat


clusters of lymphatic tissue


the voice box


smallest conducting respiratory passageways


separates the oral and nasal cavities


fleshy lobes in the nasal cavity which increase its surface area


lumen of the larynx

phrenic nerve

pleural layer covering the lungs

intrapleural pressure

in healthy lungs it is always lower than the atmosphere pressure

atmospheric pressure

pressure of air outside the body

intrapulmonary pressure

as it decreases air flows into the passageways of the lungs

intrapulmonary pressure

as it increase over atomoshpere pressure, air flows out of the lungs

intrapleural pressure

if this pressure becomes equal to the atmospheric pressure, the lungs will collapse

intrapulmonary pressure

rises well over atmospheric pressure during a forceful cough

pons center

smooth out the basic rhythm of breathing set by the Medulla

inspiratory center

respiratory control center in the medulla

chemoreceptors in the aortic and carotid bodies

respond to over inflation of the lungs

intercostal and phrenic

nerves that carry activating impulses to the muscles of inspiration


lack of cessation of breathing


normal breathing in terms of rate and depth


labored breathing or air hunger


chronic oxygen deficiency


condition characterized by fibrosis of the lungs and an increase in size of the alveolar chambers

chronic bronchitis

condition characterized by increased mucus production which clogs respiratory passageways and promotes coughing


respiratory passageways narrowed by bronchiolar spasms

chronic bronchitis and emphysema

together called COPD

lung cancer

incidence strongly associated with cigarette smoking: outlook is poor


infection spread by airborne bacteria: a recent alarming increase in drug users and AID's victims

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