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consists of a collected body of data from observations and experiments


is a broad explanation that ties together a range of observations and ideas about how processes are thought to occur.


Comprehensive scientific explanation for an observation.

Once the experiment is designed and conducted and the data collected and analyzed, the scientist must what?

The scientist must work to develop an explanation for the evidence.

In Science, a theory can do many things, what are they?

1. Theory is based on repeated observations.
2. Theory can be used explain events and to predict future events.
3. A theory is subjected to testing.
4. Experiments are conduct to support or disprove a theory.

How do scientist communicate their models?

By using tools as drawings, 3-D structures, computer simulations, and mathematical description.

Fill the blanks. The __(1)_____ is the idea, and the tools are the method through which the idea is represented. Some models develop into ___(2)____.

1. model
2. theories


A statement based directly on the data which explains the relationship between variables of an experiment.

True or False. Can observation by itself prove or disprove a hypothesis.



is a statement suggesting what might happen in the future and is based patterns in data and experiences.


A process to make predications about circumstances not tested in the research experiment.

Fill in the blank. Biologist use ___________ as they attempt to prove or disprove their hypothesis.



is a deduction or assumption based on observations and prior knowledge.


a record or note made by studying something using the senses.

How is an explanation related to experimental evidence?

Explanation are attempts to give reasons for evidence.

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