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The presence of small numbers of bacteria in the blood


A disease that has a steady frequency over time in a particular geographic location


All of the following genera are considered resident biota of skin sites except


An animal, such as an arthropod, that transmits a pathogen from one host to another is a


An inanimate object that harbors and transmits a pathogen is a


An infectious agent already existing on or in the body are called

Biological vectors

Animals that participate in the life cycles of pathogens and transmit pathogens from host to host are


Diseases that cause long-term or permanent damage leave

All are correct

Each of the following are inoculation of normal biota to a newborn except


Fomites, food, and air serve as indirect transmission routes of pathogens


Infections that go unnoticed because there are no symptoms are called


Latency is a dominant state of an infectious agent


Th decrease in the level of white blood cells in a patient


Once a microbe has entered a host, what process performed by certain white blood cells will attempt to destroy the microbes?


Septicemia means that a pathogen is present and multiplying in the blood


Someone who inconspicuously harbors a pathogen and spreads it to others is a

Respiratory system

The greatest number of pathogens enter the body through the

Prodromal stage

The initial, brief period of early, general symptoms such as fatigue and muscle aches is the


The primary, natural habitat of a pathogen where it continues to exist is called the


The study of frequency and distribution of a disease in a defined population is

Incubation period

The time from when the pathogen first enters the body and begins to multiply, until symptoms first appear is the


The total number of deaths in a population due to a disease is the


When an infected person is in the incubation period, that person cannot transmit the pathogen to others


__________ carriers are shredding and transmitting pathogens while they are recovering from an infectious disease.

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