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Mundy test #4 ch. 16

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Sociologically, "what is family?"
Two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption
Nuclear Family
a family consisting of a husband wife and children
In Bongo Bongo male members of the tribe may each legally have three wives. This is a family realtionship defined as...
In America and many other parts of the world the common practice is for whites to marry whites, African Americans to marry African Americans, and members of specific social classes to marry within their class. This is a marital practice called ________.
People being sexually attracted to one another and idealizing each other is called...
romantic love
The term family is one difficult to define because of the many varieties of family displayed in the world's cultures.
Boomerang children is a term used to refer to children.
between 24 to 29 who still live with their parents
The group with the highest percentage of one parent families with a female head of household is ____________ .
African American
The group with the lowest percentage of one parent families with a female head of household is ____________ .
Asian American
Sociologically, what is a blended family?
the husband or wife bringing a child into the new family from a prior relationship/ or a family whose members were once part of another family
How has the age of the average first-time bride and groom in the United States changed since 1890?
both the bride and groom are older than at any other time
Same sex marriages are more likely to break up than heterosexual marriages.
Research shows most divorced fathers eventually stop seeing their children altogether.
According to the findings of Diana Russell, who are the most common incest offenders?
What do sociologists argue as being the factor most related to violence against women?
the sexist structure of society
What is the skipped generation family?
grandparents act as parents rearing their children's children
What is the main difference between cohabitation and marriage?
there is a greater degree of financial and emotional commitment in marriage
In which families would elders play the most active role in rearing their grandchildren?
Native American
Of the following, in which group is a woman more likely to marry a man with less education than she has?
African American
The chances of divorce increase as the level of one's education and income increases
people who occupy the housing unit
Extended Family
including people such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in addition to the nuclear unit
the practice of marrying outside one's own group
a society in which men dominate women
what percentage of people in america choose someone of their same racial-ethnic backgroung?
people's choice of a marriage partner in the US is most influenced by ...
age, education, class, race, and religion
sociologists have found that after child birth marital satisfaction ___________?
who takes care of preschoolers while their mothers are at work?
organized child care facilities
fictive kin
often in impoverished neighborhoods where people help each other out and consider each other a part of their extended family
an emphasis on male strength, sexual vigor, and dominance
in latino families machismo _________ with each new generation in the united states
asian americans are more likely to use _______ and ________ as methods of discipline than physical punishment
shame; guilt
adults living together in a sexual relationship without being married
cohabitation is ___ x (times) more common now in the US than it was in 1970