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This river forms a border between the US and Mexico
Rio Grande
this river creates a border between Iowa and Nebraska
this river flows from the northeast into the Mississippi river
Ohio River
this river flows into New York Harbor
Hudson River
this river begins in Minnesota and ends in the Gulf of Mexico
Mississippi River
this river flows through the Grand Canyon
Colorado River
This river creates a border between Oregon and Washington
Columbia River
this river flows out of Lake Ontario into the Atlantic
St. Lawrence
this ocean is east of the US
this ocean is west of the US
the 5 great lakes
Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario
this is the saltiest lake in the US
Great Salt Lake
this bay is just east of Washington DC
Chesapeake Bay
this body of water is located south of the US
Gulf of Mexico
this is the first mountain range west of the Mississippi River
this range separates California and Nevada
Sierra Nevada
this is the tallest mountain in the US
Mnt. McKinley
this is the largest range east of the Mississippi
this plains area covers much of the middle of the country
the Great Plains
this is the largest volcano on Earth
Mauna Loa